Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Saturday Night's Alright For Dancing

The BBC confirmed today after much rumour that the Sunday night results show is no more and that this year we will be getting an extra-long show on Saturdays instead!

In a rare moment of acknowledgement on their website the BBC say the Sunday shows had not been entirely popular and I agree, it all seemed a bit pointless since it wasn't live. A nice long Strictly binge on a Saturday is much better instead and Brucie and the dancers can still have their rest!

Interestingly enough, the BBC statement also mentions "two special Friday night launch shows" which is a little unusual. Can we assume this will be the first rounds with boys and girls, or will it be like the previews from last year? It had better not just be previews or we might explode with the aniticipation of it all!

It feels like we are getting closer and closer to the official launch. Line up should be out very soon
Well, it took them long enough to wake up and smell the mojito. (do mojitos smell? Maybe a little of mint...) Just how much ranting has there been on the forums for the past year? Just how much moaning has there been in workplaces across the country about this very matter? Mucho. Personally, I quite liked the Sunday show as it meant if I were out on a Saturday night, I didn't have to worry about missing the results (unless I happened upon some prune-and-a-half on the internet spewing the results out without spoiler alert...) As Frankie put it, a fun Saturday night extravaganza is far more exciting on the whole, however. It keeps up the momentum. And all good TV shows should rely on good physics.

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