Sunday 19 December 2021

It Takes Two!

We've made it to the final! Ironically, it seems more of an achievement than last year, what with the revolving cast of celebs and judges and injury dramas all over the shop. We're also GUTTED that we're having to do this without AJ, who has been an absolute star all year. I hope she remains part of Strictly legend for years to come, wins the tour and the Christmas special, and maybe come back and do her showdance next series?
Now saddle up guys, even with one person down, we're in for a long night...
So here we have the judges' choices. We start with the frankly odd choice of Rose's quickstep, her least impressive and entertaining ballroom number. Saying that, she did it with such pep and charm that I can't really complain. Plus like Anton said, we got a chance to see her amazing topline. John's rumba was a better choice, as it really showed his lyricism and partnership with Johannes. A rumba in the final always deserves extra points, maybe one day we'll get that 40! Both of the couple's actual choices were great though, with Rose's iconic CC and John taking it up a notch with his pirate paso, they served us well and had a great time along the way.

Right, let's get down to business...bring on the showdances!

Rose and Giovanni
Not going to lie, I may have rolled my eyes when I heard Rose was dancing to The Rose, I apologise for my churlishness. This was lovely because it was sincere, like so much these two do, they transcend any form of cheesiness. I also liked that the routine had touches of ballroom in it and showed off Rose's great posture and poise rather than being all about the lifts. The only thing it was missing was actual Bette Midler, but I suppose the BBC budget doesn't stretch quite that far.
John and Johannes
I didn't know quite what to expect from this showdance, but I loved it! What a joyful number they put together, both of them really gave it that final-dance-lets-go-out-with-a-bang oomph you love to see. Plus it was quite a technical routine, the ones where you try and put in a bit of every dance can be a bit hit-or-miss, but this one definitely worked. Extra points for not inhaling any confetti.
Our final treat was the annual hot-mess of a group number...and what a treat it was this year! Fun and hysterical in equal measures, I was shrieking from start to finish. Pros hiding behind palm fronds, Sara in her big boat, Gorka giving us the gratuitous furry vibe, Ugo literally flipping his wig, an en masse lobster shuffle, Nancy being reconstructed out of tinsel - what more do you need?! Maybe I'm over-excited/emotional, but I think it was the best one yet!

...and so, the big moment finally came and our winner was ROSE! It might have been obvious from mid-series, but it's been amazing to go on the journey with her (yes, you can use that word in full in the final) and so wonderful to see Gio finally win it! Thanks all for joining us on the crazy Strictly adventure this year!

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