Sunday, 4 January 2009

So, just what happened?

You may have noticed a distinct lack of bloggage. Or you may have not, as the case may be. But nonetheless, Frankie and I have been surprisingly quiet over the past month or so. "Zut Alors! Why does this be?" I hear you cry...well, to be honest, I am taking most of the responsibility since Frankie has nagged me a wee bit about my not-writing so I feel the need to explain myself.

Much like an over-boiled kettle, I ran out of steam. Now was this my fault? Possibly. But it could also be that this series of Strictly Come Dancing was too long. I admit it, I got bored. I even switched over to The. Other. Side. at one point. After the whole scandal with John quitting (I'll get to this later...) the whole thing felt limp...and I felt completely apathetic. I'd attributed my lack of desire to rant on here to the fact that the final four dancers were so good I'd have nothing to bitch about (because, as we know, that's what I do best...) but, on reflection, that wasn't the case at all. Austin, Lisa, Rachel and Tom were all technically stunning...but all as dull as Gordon Brown's dishwater. I didn't warm to any single one of them REALLY, if I'm honest. I didn't mind/care who won. I didn't vote.

Now as for the series being oh-so-so-scandalous, I do wish that people wouldn't take it all so seriously - says the girl who has an obsessive blog about the show - but that's what it is: a television show. I'm annoyed at John Sergeant for quitting due to a 'very real possibility that [he] might win'. If he had, so what? He was a character and will be the defining face of series six in many people's memories. And these 'people's favourites' are not new...John spun himself a little image as though this was the first time this kind of thing had happened...uh, hello, wake up and smell the Gingerbread Latte! Kate?! Julian Clary?! Kenny Logan?! CHRISTOPHER PARKER?! As for the voting system, I guess something does have to be done to rectify this kerfuffle should the series continue. The introduction of the dance-off last year was unnecessary and the Sunday show proved, with most people, to be overkill. I don't know if removing the judges' votes altogether would work - I honestly just don't know - so let's hope the people who are paid to know these things and work things out get it right next year.

As for the winner, Tom...I didn't really care. Yes, there were people up in arms because he 'should have gone' the week before - but that's a whole other debate I just don't care enough to get into - and yes, he was on the whole, the weakest performer on the night. But his showdance was full of pizzazz, it was full of energy, it was fresh and new...precisely the things that the rest of the series lacked. And that's why he won. Fair and square.