Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sweet Cherie Pie

Now before Frankie gets in there and starts being MEAN about Cherie, I thought I would post a little tribute. No, Cherie did not deserve to go, but no, I am not surprised she went. And no, I'm not crazily angry about it either. John Sergeant is absolutely correct in pointing out, week in, week out, that it's not just about the dancing and that public opinion is vital. I hope the papers aren't all in fury-mode in the morning because it's not a travesty that Cherie went; she was third from bottom, after all. It is a shame, however, because (yes, yes, Frankie) we know her latin hasn't been fantastic (apart from the rumba that people keep forgetting - and yes, yes, Frankie, I know it's slooow) but she was certainly one of the ones who could have made the final and could have got a few tens under her belt. The problem this year is that there's six others who could do the same. I am confident that John will perform his swan song next week - and the gimmicks are coming thick and fast with him - maybe he will be dressed as one. But besides Sir John (honours, surely, Your Majesty?) there's no way of telling who's going to go out and in what order.

But I'm here to write about Cherie, who may have come across to some as a little smug, but that could quite easily have been those nerves - or the fact that she's reserved and classy. I heard opinions that Don Warrington was snooty - and that's a crazy suggestion! He was digified. In the words of a fictional murderess and a corrupt prison warden: "What ever happened to class?" Cherie's foxtrot was beautiful, her rumba was exquisite and her waltz was stunning. And so I give her much much credit for those. And, as Frankie's friend Ailsa (hello!), has pointed out, Cherie brought out a side of James that made us not hate him. And boy, oh, boy, did I hate him last year. His serial killer eyes have softened. And I'm giving all the credit to Cherie. She was a token older contestant who actually managed to be good and stay in the competition as a serious contender (oh, I love John, but he's not in the slightest bit serious - in fact, he's infectiously silly - and I am ready for him to leave now...) I'll even go so far as to say that I actually agreed with the judges for keeping Lisa in. I just think that Cherie deserves a dedication - in fact, I think that every contestant from now until the final does and I would have been writing this had any other one of them left the competition this week (save John - NO, NOT 'SAVE JOHN!''s not an order, it's just an expression! I MEAN IT - really, DON'T!)

PS. How naff is this title?! Hee hee.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

The race begins...

The race to the final, that is. Because there are seven couples that could feasibly make it to that final show. It's so close I wouldn't even like to guess one definite...and I still don't have a favourite...I'm starting to love them all. This was definitely the best show of the series so are our opinions...

Frankie is in black; Clover is in purple.

Jodie and Ian

I just love these two as a pair and I think Ian has a real knack of choreographing things Jodie loves to do and it shines through. Really liked the whole package with the song and the outfits too. Their faces when they got two 9s make me support them even more- now just get a good Latin under your belt woman!

LOVED IT. This reminded me so much of lovely Penny and Ian's quickstep last year. I really like Jodie and hope she can, as Frankie says, do a decent latin dance. It's getting all very Matt Dawson, but he cracked the samba (I thought he was undermarked in the final for that...) Jodie looked at ease in this dance, and she looked happy. This truly was a delight to watch. Excuse the Arleneism yet again, but it was deeeelicious.

Lisa and Brendan

My new BFF Brendan (see the post below!) is master of the samba rolls once more! Yet another spat ensues between the judges but good to see Brendan keep his cool and some encouraging words from Len. I thought it was pretty good as the oh-so-difficult samba goes and both Lisa and Brendan looked like they were having fun.

LOVED IT. This was great (apart from the song - what was that about Brendan?), extremely well-choreographed (lots of spins for Lisa) and had an air of fun about it. I know I have had problems in past weeks about Lisa being over-marked but I thought her score was very well deserved this week...I even think Craig undermarked her. How's that for a switcharoo?

Christine and Matthew

After a rip-roaring jive last week a waltz was never going to be that exciting for me. I’m sure it was technically good as the judges said and it was very elegant but I’m not going to start jumping up and down over it. (Jumping up and down is reserved for special events like Mark and Karen’s argentine tango)

LOVED IT. This was beeeautiful. I did do a little jump actually. Well, a bounce, since I was sitting on my bed and it was past three in the morning when I was watching (I didn't catch the live show due to The Importance of Drinking Cocktails).

Cherie and James

Now is it me, or is that dress different to the one they showed on ITT on Friday? Anyway, it’s amazing to see her out of frumpy sleeves and in something in the Lilia Kopylova style! James chose a great song, but I thought he wasted it with some boring choreography- I’m sure I saw them do the same step about 8 times in a row at one point! I cannot believe Bruno gave her a 9!

LOVED IT. Is it those cocktails speaking? Mais non, they wore off hours ago. I really did love this. Costume was fabulous, song choice was fabulous, James is a new person this series, great to see Cherie pull off latin. It was joyful! (Joyful is a word that my friend Clare at work uses and I am stealing it.)

Austin and Erin

My word, Erin was looking foxy tonight! She sure knows how to nail a tango and chose the best possible music. I was really impressed by this: Austin was actually leading all the way through and you could feel a sense of menace coming out of him. I could smell another ten coming and well deserved they were!

LOVED IT. Ooooooooooooooooh, there was a hint, A HINT, of the Ramps about this one. Austin really really did take control of this dance and it was great to hear Libertango (kudos, Erin - I KNOW, I'm in a generous mood today....) EXTREMELY well-deserved tens. I am DYING to see what he can do with an Argentine Tango.

Rachel and Vincent

Speaking of people looking foxy…my god, Rachel was channelling the Ola Jordan spirit throughout that one! I was captivated by this rumba, I think it was one of the best I’ve ever seen on the show. It was so controlled and the amazing song choice added so much to it. When Arlene got that 10 out so early in the series we were at jumping up and down territory…

LOVED IT. Rumba is the hardest dance, in my not-very-knowledgeable opinion, to translate for TV. They often look bland, dull and even sometimes pointless. A-ha, but not this one! This was stunning. I let out a mini scream when Arlene lifted her 10 paddle. So exciting. This week is equivalent to that week last year when Matt did his salsa and Alesha did her cha cha...great dance after great dance doth make Clover happy.

John and Kristina

Kristina was not her usual shade of terracotta orange tonight and the whole thing seemed a much classier affair. We almost headed back to the lovely waltz of week 1 and I thought the lifts were well handled. The skiing-splits move or whatever it’s called was rather special too.

This wasn't bad at all. I agree with John that the judges are being a bit pathetic expecting the public to vote the same way they do. What is the point of having a public vote at all, if that's to be the case? But, I have to say, that the other couples are all so good; the competition is wide open, with switching places at the top of the leaderboard from week to week and I think it would be an awful shame if any of them are to go this week. I feel the competition has actually started now and unfortunately, I don't see a place for John in it. I do hope this was his last week and he goes out on a high.

Tom and Camilla

Well Tom certainly had a lot to live up to this week going last after everyone else. Not a knock-your-socks-off salsa of Gethin Jones proportions but still very good!

LOVED IT. Like Austin, he was leading (though in salsa, if he doesn't, then there's no dance!) Camilla had the same expression on her face as when she danced salsa with Gethin Jones last year...I think this possibly was as good as Gethin's...but it was just less expected of Gethin! This competition is just too close to call...

The standard is certainly way up high now, everyone apart from John scored 30 or above! I really hope Lisa and Brendan don’t face the bottom two; she just fell on the wrong dance this week, plus I have extra sympathy for anyone else who has to get up at 4am. It could in fact be John’s time to go, he even seemed to be hinting at it himself on ITT this week.

I agree that it's John's time to go. But who will face him in the bottom two? It could be anyone. And if it's not John, then who will go? Lisa? Cherie? If any celeb other than John leaves the competition this week then it will be a travesty as they are all so good...I don't think I will be able to stand it next week as I won't want anyone to leave! This is the first week I have truly enjoyed this series...long may it continue!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

A close encounter of the Strictly kind!

Possibly the most exciting news ever to hit this blog, I (Frankie) met the one and only Kiwi superstar Brendan Cole on the Tube today!

Picture the scene: I am running for the tube at Bond Street when I miss it by about a second, in a huff I turn around to see when the next one is and who has just got off said tube but Brendan! He was casually wheeling his luggage along when sensible me opens with the amazing conversational gambit "Excuse me, are you Brendan Cole?"

I must say throughout our conversation he was a total gent and seemed to actually be listening to what I said. He told me he was on his way to training and when I apologised for holding him up he replied that Lisa was always late anyway! I also wished him luck in the Samba this week, to which he said it was very hard. Replying to that I managed to blurt out that his Samba with Natasha Kaplinsky was really good and he gave me a look like I'd just whisked him away in a time machine!

I also have three rather amusing attempts at a photo of us from my camera phone; my camera phone is terrible and Brendan was very patient and even helped me with it!

This does not sound like the most amazing of incidents if you were not there, but it was for me- it's made moving to London all those months ago totally worth it! Plus I was very restrained and did not come out with any silly questions such as "Did the film Dirty Dancing change your life?" or "Do you ever pretend to do a paso with a teatowel at home?"

This so beats the time I followed a Karen Hardy lookalike around Topshop for 10 mins...

Sunday, 9 November 2008

'The Rumble'

What, you may ask, is 'The Rumble'? Well, besides being a muscle contraction that is result of incomplete digestion (I think you'll find the correct term is borborygmus), and something that is known to happen occasionally in the jungle, 'The Rumble' has recently been given (well, by me, just now) a whole new meaning. It is blend of two words: 'rumba' and 'stumble' - and refers to the horrific car-crash TV that comes of a male celebrity (often a sportsman) trying to dance the rumba. Winner Darren Gough was not a fan of this dance at all and even Mark 'The Hips' Ramprakash struggled; in fact, Colin Jackson is the only sportsman not to have fallen at this particular hurdle. Snigger. Hurdle. Lol.

Here are our opinions on this week's dances.

Tom and Camilla

Well, excellent song choice. Perhaps the best of the series so far, actually. I didn't think Len would like all the prancing about at the beginning and end, but Tom does it with such pizzazz that I don't think even hardcore-traditionalist Len can resist being charmed by it. I preferred Austin's - though I suspect Frankie will disagree - am I right?

Well, actually....after a tap-tastic start I had really high hopes for this dance, but the rest of it didn’t really thrill me. Once more technically brilliant and it certainly deserved the 36 points, but it didn’t have the wow factor really, I still preferred their jive! Tom’s fabulous shoes* cancelled out Camilla’s dress thankfully.

Ooh yes, I forgot to mention the spats!

Jodie and Ian

Was I taken in by the song? I suggested this track on a Strictly forum about a month ago and am now convinced Ian is stalking me (, not seriously...I'm definitely not serious). Not sure about Jodie's dress...did I like it? Did I not?...if Karen was the Quality Street fudge in week one, then I think Jodie was the coconut one tonight - which at least suits the samba. Well, whatever, I did love this, although I did have a very cheeky Um Bongo in my hand at time of viewing. Overall it was as camp as sturdy wood gadgets all tied up with string.

The dress looked like something Jem from Jem and the Holograms would wear, but I love it all the same! Plus its always fascinating watching Ian doing the samba- he’s just too good at it for a skinny white boy! And he was a very special shade of orange tonight! Ok it wasn’t the best dance in the world but I really thought Jodie was enjoying herself and it certainly didn’t deserve the mauling from the judges.

Heather and Bryan

Not bad. Would have preferred music with a flavour of traditional tango. I don't want to be a pedant because some unconventional tracks REALLY do work (Maneater was inspired) but on the whole, this year, I've come to the conclusion that the more tango-ey the tango music, the more tango-ey the tango and the more tango-ey the tango can be, um, the better, I guess.

This was definitely one of Heather’s better dances, but it took me a while to work that out because the song choice was so distracting! I always like a bit of Bowie, but if they’d chosen a traditional tango track it would have been so much more dramatic.

Austin and Erin
Austin hated the rumba so much he punched himself in the face. I didn't think it was that bad actually, but it does seem to be a recurring problem with male celebs (apart from those who actually are in love with their pro partners, naming no names, *cough Matt* *cough Di Angelo*) Erin the evil genius wasn't genius enough to get them out of this one.

As we exclusively revealed this week Erin is an evil genius and she was going to need every weapon in her arsenal to get a good rumba. The bow tie trick didn’t bode well (as we know props are the last refuge of the desperate) but it was better than I thought it was going to be. The 5 from Craig was definitely harsh, but it did indeed lack that sparkle.

Cherie and James

Of course this was going to be lovely. I wish it had been a little better - a wee bit more sparkle and there may have been a ten on the cards (or on the paddles, or whatever).

The song made me want to vom, as did James’ smirk so it was hilarious when Len started going on about her footwork! The waltz isn’t the most exciting of dances, but this one seemed particularly D-U-double-L. And thankfully they have finally caught on to the fact that Cherie is terrible at Latin!

Christine and Matthew

Fantastic dress. I was sitting watching this with some friends and all of us approved of the fringing. This was perky and cute. A pleasure to watch.

Christine bagged the best dress of the night and did her best dance so far! It was as if she was channelling the legendary Karen Hardy spirit. Glad to see her back in the game!

Rachel and Vincent

In comparison to her other 'performances' I really liked this. But, nonetheless, I wasn't all that surprised she was in the dance-off. She's got the curse of great expectation and when it's not delivered, buh-bye. Ooh, though, I liked her hair and thought she looked stunning. For a shrunken down regular person. Wee Vincent's choreography was a wee bit 'look what I can do while my celeb stands there and bops.'

Vincent pulls off a great bit of choreography once more with a lively but classy routine. The quickstep basis was a really good idea and the song was cool. Hurrah for Len liking it, I don’t think I would have taken another week of his grumpy-ness!

John and Kristina

Hmmm, am I finally getting bored? Perhaps. I really am beginning to think that John is being purposefully bad now because in weeks one and three, he wasn't bad at all......and I know that was ballroom but now he is bad of the Rhodes kind...and it makes no sense. Kristina had choreographed the basic cha cha step...which is not hard at all...and it was wrong. Very wrong. And off the beat. And I know very little about this kind of thing. John, quit playing about. He'll be out the week after next. After a Logangate-esque elimination.

Here we are again: Kristina in the spangliest of frocks and John just wanders about. Also at one point I was fearing for his knees! And what was the thing with the phone at the beginning, did I miss something there? Although I did notice once more this week that for all his rubbish dancing skills John does have amazing timing.

Lisa and Brendan

Ah, and so we are back to the over-marking. I didn't get the big deal. It was nice, but meh.

It will take a lot to top Brendan and Kelly’s Delilah Viennese Waltz from last year in my book, but I thought this was another brilliant bit of work from Brendan! The song was overblown and cheesy, which somehow turned out to be perfect. I thought we were hovering around a 10 after that rapturous reception from the judges, alas no, but everyone really seemed to have upped their game this week.

A few notes about the results show...

OK, for some reason I haven't really anything to say...

Next week could be interesting. I have the feeling John could stay in another week...and we may be saying goodbye to someone we don't want to. As I say, I think he's starting to play up on being awful but cutesy to get the votes in...and yes, it's been endearing...however, John, your plan has now been well and truly rumbled. Time for tubby bye-bye.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Erin Boag: Ballroom Dancer or Evil Genius?

It has come to light that there's something odd about Erin Boag. Now odd in a good way or odd in a bad way is not for me to say, but let me just say this: the evidence is mounting, MOUNTING I tell you, that she is not only a ballroom pro but that she is also a genius...of the very evilest kind.

Let's look at the other ballroom pros on the Strictly. Oh wait...WHAT other ballroom pros? Besides Anton Du Beke (who has already been outed as a Bondesque type through the segment 'Strictly for Your Eyes Only') no other ballroom professional has lasted longer than a season. Boag is top dog ballroom pro - and therefore gets to do a lot of exhibition dances on the results show. Those pesky little latin minxes are no threat...but other ballroom dancers? They must be eliminated! Hazel Newberry lasted only one week dancing with Quention, was this because of his poor dancing? No. I doubt it. It is widely that Boag persuaded Wilson to pin the L-Plate to his back...the L-Plate that was secretly hiding a strong magnet. By also planting magnets in the suede soles of his shoes, Boag was able to ensure that his legs moved in completely the wrong direction at completely the wrong time. By employing her vast skill at neuro-linguistic programming she was also able to convince Wilson (something that he believes to this very day) that he is a bad dancer. Genius? I think so.
And what about Izabela Hannah in series three? This one proved a little more difficult for Boag and Dennis Taylor stayed in the competition for five whole weeks. In the end, it is believed that Boag resorted to hypnotism to ensure that Taylor's posture and footwork did not improve beyond a very basic level. Taylor may have made an impression...but Hannah? Never to be seen or heard of again. So what, I hear you ask, is going to happen to Hayley Holt, new ballroom-shaped pro 2008...? Hayley who? She's already out of the competition...unlikely to's just a little bit of history repeating...

These could be coincidences. I think not, but your scepticism is understandable. So let's look at her nationality. An evil genius from New Zealand? Never! But ah! Surely if there were an evil genius amongst the Strictly ranks the first to be suspected would be one of the Russians, Rihanoff or Kopylova...but wait for it, Boag is Russian! After many years perfecting the most innocent-sounding and non-assuming accent she could think of, Boag managed to forge herself a New Zealand passport (not difficult to do, and it is thought that it has only been attempted four times in the history of the nation) and managed to convince the authorities, the Great British public - and some even say, to some extent, herself - that she is a small-town, small-country girl who just loves to dance. She also cultivated a rags-to-riches story of having one pound left in her pocket and then meeting Du Beke, finding true chemistry (on the dance floor only, you understand) and then becoming a champion. Who would question that? Well, I suggest my friends, that you do start to question it. For Boag is Russian, yes - it is thought she is the daughter of a spy who was the daughter of a spy who was the daughter of a spy. I spy something suspicious about that - don't you?

Super-villains and evil geniuses always have alter-egos. Google 'Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog' for clarification of this, if you so choose. And Boag's? She makes no secret of this (a double bluff?) and openly refers to herself as 'Miss Whiplash' - this is evidence enough. She is a master of disguise and a master of gadgets. She has no problem with changing her hair, her costumes, even her teeth to get her own way. Sometimes she is able to disguise her high-tech evil genius gadgets in a fashionable (well, questionable in some cases...) way. Take Saturday 01/11/08 for example: Boag was seen with an unusual hairstyle that, I can exclusively reveal, was masking a small electronic device that emitted small electric shocks to Austin Healey at the precise nano-second his feet were to hop, skip and scatter-chasse their way through their quickstep. Did you see her hair? There is no other possible explanation for hair like that.

But surely all this is not true! If Boag truly is the evil genius as I propose she is, then surely she would have used her skills to win the competition? But, as it turns out, life is very much like a Bond movie. Boag had in her clutches the very best male celebrity ever to grace the Strictly floor, yet they did not win. Because - good triumphs over bad - the evil genius always loses. Not usually to a cricketer from Barnsley, but there's a first for everything...

Sunday, 2 November 2008

A Brief Note on the Results Show

What popped into my head whilst watching the results show this evening...

Was that this year's pro jive then? If so, then mucho disappointo. While it was sassy and snazzy, there wasn't much jive, was there? And I was so looking forward to this one because of the Matthew/Karen partnership...and they filled most of their solo spot with a bloody lift. What a waste! In fact, the only couple that shone in this was Darren and Lilia - but they haven't shone brightly in the pro dances for a couple of series now so it was good to see them go for it.

Anton and Flavia's dance was HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud (and made my sister, who was quietly sitting playing The Sims on her phone, jump out of her chair) when Anton and Wee Vincent started dancing...and when Erin lifted Wee Vincent. These two couples might not be the best dancers but they're probably the best characters.

Found out that Cherie is dancing a waltz...I sense her getting to the top of that leaderboard fact, I smell another 10. It seems also that Tom is dancing a quickstep (did you hear? He said it when his name got called out...) This unnerves me and makes me not-quite-like him as he's CLEARLY expecting to do as well as Austin and although performance-wise he can match (or even out-do) him, technically, he's not as good. There'll be lots of fighting talk on ITT this week about this one.

Ha ha, Kelly Jones on Strictly. Aces. Brendan and Hayley make a lovely partnership and ballroom definitely is her thing. I do wonder if Brendan misses his role in the pro latin dances - they did let him play with a cape in the paso though - he should be thankful for that!

It was time for Andrew Castle to go ... so not a shock decision this week. No MAJOR shock eliminations this year yet...but if Rachel's not careful, she may find herself in the dance-off before long.

Erin's Evil Genius

Austin and Erin

Erin was looking decidedly un-Erin tonight, but also managed to not look like a Halloween pumpkin (obligatory seasonal reference in there for you). But here we go with the first 10, there’s no holding them back now- it’s going to be 10s left, right and centre! Craig’s 8 was rather amusing though, I get the impression we need to make sure these two don’t get too cocky.

Oooh! I love Austin. He really can dance...but he plays rugby too, so that makes it all OK. I loved this. I knew Len would crack first...Erin planned it all meticulously, like an evil genius...traditionalesque music, no 'fannying around' at the beginning...I'm just surprised Len didn't leap over the table in sheer ecstasy and squeeze Erin . Or both of them.

Heather and Brian

One of the best song choices of the series and what a cracking dress too! Cute choreography and Heather really looked like she was enjoying herself for once, so too bad the judges mauled her. However, I do agree she simply isn’t as good as everyone else and I doubt I would miss her if she left.

LOVED the song choice - and I didn't think this was that bad at all. It's just the others were better. I think she's in trouble this evening.

Jodie and Ian

The Pride and Prejudice theme looked so cute on ITT and the footage of them on horses was hilarious. The actual thing was absolutely delightful and anything that makes Len talk about whimsical hair has to be a bit special!

Much lolage (lolage? I hate that term) at Len's description. Whimsical hair it was. In fact, the entire routine was a good way...even the P&P themeage (it's a disease I tell you...affixationitis?) was cute - despite the anachrony of it. Yes, yes, I KNOW it was only a bit of fun and wasn't meant to be a historical representation but Mr Darcy and Elizabeth would not have danced a waltz. Now who's for an English country dance?

Andrew and Ola

I can’t believe Andrew did a samba with a knee cartilage injury, big respect for that. I also just love watching Ola samba because she’s great at it, especially as she understanda the value of feathers. Saying that, he was awful and his shimmies looked rather sinister at times! And Len really shouldn’t have given that a 7!

Len is a prune. Seven? Bloody ridiculous. He'd give a seven to a sloth dancing a jive to a funeral march if he thought it were trying hard - or had at least improved a little. I agree with Frankie - it's great to see some feathers! These two could end up in the danger zone again this evening. It wouldn't surprise me if it's going to be bye bye to Andrew this week.

Lisa and Brendan

Loved the staccato in this, but thought Lisa was a bit too Ice Maiden-esque. But the judges were right, it was a classic full-on tango. Very nice to see some constructive criticism from Arlene too instead of her rehearsed alliterative ramblings.

LOVED this. Finally, a dance of theirs that I did really enjoy and don't mind them getting high marks for. Brendan put together a fantastic routine...nice to hear La Cumparsita, the tangoest of all tango's been used before, I'm sure, but it's a classic.

Cherie and James

Sleeves sleeves sleeves, for heaven’s sake Cherie has a great figure and is perfectly capable of bearing her arms! She did look genuinely nervous throughout the dance to me and seemed like she was just going through the motions.

Oh dear. This was not good. She looked as though she was just willing it to end (having had salsa dances like that, I feel her pain).

John and Kristina

Ah, we’ve all been waiting for John to get back to some elegant ballroom. Kristina once again makes a fabulous song choice and looked like Marilyn Monroe covered in tinfoil. Len was fair about his technique but I think he’s earned his keep for another week.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Little John is such a star I don't care about his dancing technique. An absolute pleasure to watch.

Tom and Camilla

Hurrah for capes and 80s synth classics! And Camilla doing proper funny faces, always a treat. I don’t get what Len’s cape-hating is about; the pro males do it and it’s a Latin dance, not a ballroom! Thankfully, the judges’ barney didn’t affect the scores too much.

I loathe, nay I DESPISE, this song. But dance was OK. I think Bunton's lost her crown. That is the 'Funniest Paso Doble Face' crown. This was all a little too much pantomime villain for me.

Christine and Matthew

The song was a lovely choice, but I really didn’t think Matthew made enough of it in the choreography, the whole thing seemed unnecessarily slow! On the good side of things, Christine’s dress was amazing and her partnership with Matthew seems to be as lovely as ever.

I kind of agree. Love the song choice but I might have used it for a standard foxtrot if I were Matthew and chosen something with a little more pizzazz for the American Smooth. On the whole though, this was a good effort - and Christine is such a darling.

Rachel and Vincent

Now that is the type of sparkly frock I like to see! Loved Vincent’s use of rock n roll elements, but I know what Len means about the socks not being knocked off. Maybe that’s ok in this cold weather though…

Rachel in a short dress! Good for her! It's not like she can't carry it. Unfortunately, that was the most exciting thing about this routine. I think Wee Vincent and Rachie are going to find themselves in trouble soon if she doesn't get over these nerves. I keep telling you, I'm getting bored...