Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sweet Cherie Pie

Now before Frankie gets in there and starts being MEAN about Cherie, I thought I would post a little tribute. No, Cherie did not deserve to go, but no, I am not surprised she went. And no, I'm not crazily angry about it either. John Sergeant is absolutely correct in pointing out, week in, week out, that it's not just about the dancing and that public opinion is vital. I hope the papers aren't all in fury-mode in the morning because it's not a travesty that Cherie went; she was third from bottom, after all. It is a shame, however, because (yes, yes, Frankie) we know her latin hasn't been fantastic (apart from the rumba that people keep forgetting - and yes, yes, Frankie, I know it's slooow) but she was certainly one of the ones who could have made the final and could have got a few tens under her belt. The problem this year is that there's six others who could do the same. I am confident that John will perform his swan song next week - and the gimmicks are coming thick and fast with him - maybe he will be dressed as one. But besides Sir John (honours, surely, Your Majesty?) there's no way of telling who's going to go out and in what order.

But I'm here to write about Cherie, who may have come across to some as a little smug, but that could quite easily have been those nerves - or the fact that she's reserved and classy. I heard opinions that Don Warrington was snooty - and that's a crazy suggestion! He was digified. In the words of a fictional murderess and a corrupt prison warden: "What ever happened to class?" Cherie's foxtrot was beautiful, her rumba was exquisite and her waltz was stunning. And so I give her much much credit for those. And, as Frankie's friend Ailsa (hello!), has pointed out, Cherie brought out a side of James that made us not hate him. And boy, oh, boy, did I hate him last year. His serial killer eyes have softened. And I'm giving all the credit to Cherie. She was a token older contestant who actually managed to be good and stay in the competition as a serious contender (oh, I love John, but he's not in the slightest bit serious - in fact, he's infectiously silly - and I am ready for him to leave now...) I'll even go so far as to say that I actually agreed with the judges for keeping Lisa in. I just think that Cherie deserves a dedication - in fact, I think that every contestant from now until the final does and I would have been writing this had any other one of them left the competition this week (save John - NO, NOT 'SAVE JOHN!''s not an order, it's just an expression! I MEAN IT - really, DON'T!)

PS. How naff is this title?! Hee hee.

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