Sunday, 2 November 2008

Erin's Evil Genius

Austin and Erin

Erin was looking decidedly un-Erin tonight, but also managed to not look like a Halloween pumpkin (obligatory seasonal reference in there for you). But here we go with the first 10, there’s no holding them back now- it’s going to be 10s left, right and centre! Craig’s 8 was rather amusing though, I get the impression we need to make sure these two don’t get too cocky.

Oooh! I love Austin. He really can dance...but he plays rugby too, so that makes it all OK. I loved this. I knew Len would crack first...Erin planned it all meticulously, like an evil genius...traditionalesque music, no 'fannying around' at the beginning...I'm just surprised Len didn't leap over the table in sheer ecstasy and squeeze Erin . Or both of them.

Heather and Brian

One of the best song choices of the series and what a cracking dress too! Cute choreography and Heather really looked like she was enjoying herself for once, so too bad the judges mauled her. However, I do agree she simply isn’t as good as everyone else and I doubt I would miss her if she left.

LOVED the song choice - and I didn't think this was that bad at all. It's just the others were better. I think she's in trouble this evening.

Jodie and Ian

The Pride and Prejudice theme looked so cute on ITT and the footage of them on horses was hilarious. The actual thing was absolutely delightful and anything that makes Len talk about whimsical hair has to be a bit special!

Much lolage (lolage? I hate that term) at Len's description. Whimsical hair it was. In fact, the entire routine was a good way...even the P&P themeage (it's a disease I tell you...affixationitis?) was cute - despite the anachrony of it. Yes, yes, I KNOW it was only a bit of fun and wasn't meant to be a historical representation but Mr Darcy and Elizabeth would not have danced a waltz. Now who's for an English country dance?

Andrew and Ola

I can’t believe Andrew did a samba with a knee cartilage injury, big respect for that. I also just love watching Ola samba because she’s great at it, especially as she understanda the value of feathers. Saying that, he was awful and his shimmies looked rather sinister at times! And Len really shouldn’t have given that a 7!

Len is a prune. Seven? Bloody ridiculous. He'd give a seven to a sloth dancing a jive to a funeral march if he thought it were trying hard - or had at least improved a little. I agree with Frankie - it's great to see some feathers! These two could end up in the danger zone again this evening. It wouldn't surprise me if it's going to be bye bye to Andrew this week.

Lisa and Brendan

Loved the staccato in this, but thought Lisa was a bit too Ice Maiden-esque. But the judges were right, it was a classic full-on tango. Very nice to see some constructive criticism from Arlene too instead of her rehearsed alliterative ramblings.

LOVED this. Finally, a dance of theirs that I did really enjoy and don't mind them getting high marks for. Brendan put together a fantastic routine...nice to hear La Cumparsita, the tangoest of all tango's been used before, I'm sure, but it's a classic.

Cherie and James

Sleeves sleeves sleeves, for heaven’s sake Cherie has a great figure and is perfectly capable of bearing her arms! She did look genuinely nervous throughout the dance to me and seemed like she was just going through the motions.

Oh dear. This was not good. She looked as though she was just willing it to end (having had salsa dances like that, I feel her pain).

John and Kristina

Ah, we’ve all been waiting for John to get back to some elegant ballroom. Kristina once again makes a fabulous song choice and looked like Marilyn Monroe covered in tinfoil. Len was fair about his technique but I think he’s earned his keep for another week.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Little John is such a star I don't care about his dancing technique. An absolute pleasure to watch.

Tom and Camilla

Hurrah for capes and 80s synth classics! And Camilla doing proper funny faces, always a treat. I don’t get what Len’s cape-hating is about; the pro males do it and it’s a Latin dance, not a ballroom! Thankfully, the judges’ barney didn’t affect the scores too much.

I loathe, nay I DESPISE, this song. But dance was OK. I think Bunton's lost her crown. That is the 'Funniest Paso Doble Face' crown. This was all a little too much pantomime villain for me.

Christine and Matthew

The song was a lovely choice, but I really didn’t think Matthew made enough of it in the choreography, the whole thing seemed unnecessarily slow! On the good side of things, Christine’s dress was amazing and her partnership with Matthew seems to be as lovely as ever.

I kind of agree. Love the song choice but I might have used it for a standard foxtrot if I were Matthew and chosen something with a little more pizzazz for the American Smooth. On the whole though, this was a good effort - and Christine is such a darling.

Rachel and Vincent

Now that is the type of sparkly frock I like to see! Loved Vincent’s use of rock n roll elements, but I know what Len means about the socks not being knocked off. Maybe that’s ok in this cold weather though…

Rachel in a short dress! Good for her! It's not like she can't carry it. Unfortunately, that was the most exciting thing about this routine. I think Wee Vincent and Rachie are going to find themselves in trouble soon if she doesn't get over these nerves. I keep telling you, I'm getting bored...

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