Saturday, 15 November 2008

The race begins...

The race to the final, that is. Because there are seven couples that could feasibly make it to that final show. It's so close I wouldn't even like to guess one definite...and I still don't have a favourite...I'm starting to love them all. This was definitely the best show of the series so are our opinions...

Frankie is in black; Clover is in purple.

Jodie and Ian

I just love these two as a pair and I think Ian has a real knack of choreographing things Jodie loves to do and it shines through. Really liked the whole package with the song and the outfits too. Their faces when they got two 9s make me support them even more- now just get a good Latin under your belt woman!

LOVED IT. This reminded me so much of lovely Penny and Ian's quickstep last year. I really like Jodie and hope she can, as Frankie says, do a decent latin dance. It's getting all very Matt Dawson, but he cracked the samba (I thought he was undermarked in the final for that...) Jodie looked at ease in this dance, and she looked happy. This truly was a delight to watch. Excuse the Arleneism yet again, but it was deeeelicious.

Lisa and Brendan

My new BFF Brendan (see the post below!) is master of the samba rolls once more! Yet another spat ensues between the judges but good to see Brendan keep his cool and some encouraging words from Len. I thought it was pretty good as the oh-so-difficult samba goes and both Lisa and Brendan looked like they were having fun.

LOVED IT. This was great (apart from the song - what was that about Brendan?), extremely well-choreographed (lots of spins for Lisa) and had an air of fun about it. I know I have had problems in past weeks about Lisa being over-marked but I thought her score was very well deserved this week...I even think Craig undermarked her. How's that for a switcharoo?

Christine and Matthew

After a rip-roaring jive last week a waltz was never going to be that exciting for me. I’m sure it was technically good as the judges said and it was very elegant but I’m not going to start jumping up and down over it. (Jumping up and down is reserved for special events like Mark and Karen’s argentine tango)

LOVED IT. This was beeeautiful. I did do a little jump actually. Well, a bounce, since I was sitting on my bed and it was past three in the morning when I was watching (I didn't catch the live show due to The Importance of Drinking Cocktails).

Cherie and James

Now is it me, or is that dress different to the one they showed on ITT on Friday? Anyway, it’s amazing to see her out of frumpy sleeves and in something in the Lilia Kopylova style! James chose a great song, but I thought he wasted it with some boring choreography- I’m sure I saw them do the same step about 8 times in a row at one point! I cannot believe Bruno gave her a 9!

LOVED IT. Is it those cocktails speaking? Mais non, they wore off hours ago. I really did love this. Costume was fabulous, song choice was fabulous, James is a new person this series, great to see Cherie pull off latin. It was joyful! (Joyful is a word that my friend Clare at work uses and I am stealing it.)

Austin and Erin

My word, Erin was looking foxy tonight! She sure knows how to nail a tango and chose the best possible music. I was really impressed by this: Austin was actually leading all the way through and you could feel a sense of menace coming out of him. I could smell another ten coming and well deserved they were!

LOVED IT. Ooooooooooooooooh, there was a hint, A HINT, of the Ramps about this one. Austin really really did take control of this dance and it was great to hear Libertango (kudos, Erin - I KNOW, I'm in a generous mood today....) EXTREMELY well-deserved tens. I am DYING to see what he can do with an Argentine Tango.

Rachel and Vincent

Speaking of people looking foxy…my god, Rachel was channelling the Ola Jordan spirit throughout that one! I was captivated by this rumba, I think it was one of the best I’ve ever seen on the show. It was so controlled and the amazing song choice added so much to it. When Arlene got that 10 out so early in the series we were at jumping up and down territory…

LOVED IT. Rumba is the hardest dance, in my not-very-knowledgeable opinion, to translate for TV. They often look bland, dull and even sometimes pointless. A-ha, but not this one! This was stunning. I let out a mini scream when Arlene lifted her 10 paddle. So exciting. This week is equivalent to that week last year when Matt did his salsa and Alesha did her cha cha...great dance after great dance doth make Clover happy.

John and Kristina

Kristina was not her usual shade of terracotta orange tonight and the whole thing seemed a much classier affair. We almost headed back to the lovely waltz of week 1 and I thought the lifts were well handled. The skiing-splits move or whatever it’s called was rather special too.

This wasn't bad at all. I agree with John that the judges are being a bit pathetic expecting the public to vote the same way they do. What is the point of having a public vote at all, if that's to be the case? But, I have to say, that the other couples are all so good; the competition is wide open, with switching places at the top of the leaderboard from week to week and I think it would be an awful shame if any of them are to go this week. I feel the competition has actually started now and unfortunately, I don't see a place for John in it. I do hope this was his last week and he goes out on a high.

Tom and Camilla

Well Tom certainly had a lot to live up to this week going last after everyone else. Not a knock-your-socks-off salsa of Gethin Jones proportions but still very good!

LOVED IT. Like Austin, he was leading (though in salsa, if he doesn't, then there's no dance!) Camilla had the same expression on her face as when she danced salsa with Gethin Jones last year...I think this possibly was as good as Gethin's...but it was just less expected of Gethin! This competition is just too close to call...

The standard is certainly way up high now, everyone apart from John scored 30 or above! I really hope Lisa and Brendan don’t face the bottom two; she just fell on the wrong dance this week, plus I have extra sympathy for anyone else who has to get up at 4am. It could in fact be John’s time to go, he even seemed to be hinting at it himself on ITT this week.

I agree that it's John's time to go. But who will face him in the bottom two? It could be anyone. And if it's not John, then who will go? Lisa? Cherie? If any celeb other than John leaves the competition this week then it will be a travesty as they are all so good...I don't think I will be able to stand it next week as I won't want anyone to leave! This is the first week I have truly enjoyed this series...long may it continue!

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