Sunday, 2 November 2008

A Brief Note on the Results Show

What popped into my head whilst watching the results show this evening...

Was that this year's pro jive then? If so, then mucho disappointo. While it was sassy and snazzy, there wasn't much jive, was there? And I was so looking forward to this one because of the Matthew/Karen partnership...and they filled most of their solo spot with a bloody lift. What a waste! In fact, the only couple that shone in this was Darren and Lilia - but they haven't shone brightly in the pro dances for a couple of series now so it was good to see them go for it.

Anton and Flavia's dance was HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud (and made my sister, who was quietly sitting playing The Sims on her phone, jump out of her chair) when Anton and Wee Vincent started dancing...and when Erin lifted Wee Vincent. These two couples might not be the best dancers but they're probably the best characters.

Found out that Cherie is dancing a waltz...I sense her getting to the top of that leaderboard fact, I smell another 10. It seems also that Tom is dancing a quickstep (did you hear? He said it when his name got called out...) This unnerves me and makes me not-quite-like him as he's CLEARLY expecting to do as well as Austin and although performance-wise he can match (or even out-do) him, technically, he's not as good. There'll be lots of fighting talk on ITT this week about this one.

Ha ha, Kelly Jones on Strictly. Aces. Brendan and Hayley make a lovely partnership and ballroom definitely is her thing. I do wonder if Brendan misses his role in the pro latin dances - they did let him play with a cape in the paso though - he should be thankful for that!

It was time for Andrew Castle to go ... so not a shock decision this week. No MAJOR shock eliminations this year yet...but if Rachel's not careful, she may find herself in the dance-off before long.

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