Saturday, 6 November 2010

Scores, shocks and sequins

Well here we are again, maybe we can pretend last week was some sort of surreal dream? At least someone dusted the cobwebs off the studio.

This week you have just me again, very sorry about that, but Clover is having some sort of computer-based Armageddon and we hope she can return to spangle-land very soon!

Kara and Artem
Currently being stalked by the tabloids, its amazing these two haven't had to black out the studio windows. Really great outfit too, perfectly co-ordinated with her poppy. Nice firecracker of a dance with a classic song choice for the salsa. This is controversial but I quite liked the lifts, they seemed in fitting with the dance rather than being too gratuitous, plus the salsa is much looser anyway.

Pamela and James
So glad to see her back in some proper ballroom in a nice long frock and James yet again chose a fabulous old-school song for them. A few wobbles, but we can forgive her than. Really liked the ending, it was so adorable! Although the cheesy, slightly manic smiles were hilarious! Len was programmed to love this song, maybe Pamela read his mind (there's your dubious psychologist reference for the week).

Felicity and Vincent
Wow, that dress is amazing! Also, quote of the week: Can you be a posh bull? If anyone can be a posh farm animal it's Felicity! Very brave of Vincent her him to let her do the flamenco opening section all alone, but she totally carried it off. Not sure about her hair extension though, it looked like it was about to come around and smack Vincent in the face. A very good paso, but I think it lacked a bit of the 'grrr' factor.

Jimi and FlaviaOh dear oh dear, after as couple of weeks of successes poor Flavia again is at the back of the queue for the costume department. I can hear them now "oh we forgot about her and all we have left is this scarf and some pyjama bottoms...". Thankfully she kicked some ass with some amazing dancing! Jimi was having the time of his life and I must say, there was no gapping. So at least Clover won't start shouting. Nice to see him finally live up to his potential.

Matt and Aliona
Another one I'm happy to see returning to some classic ballroom, even if it means no guyliner. Too bad they got lost in a branch of B&Q at the start, but other than that it was a beautiful routine. That's what annoys me, sure let the rubbish people use props but couples like this don't need it! Slightly unusual but totally divine song choice, made it all feel rather romantic. Loved seeing Bruno get out of his seat at the scandalous suggestion he might have missed a few heel leads.

Ann and Anton
Wow, did the costume people tie Ann to a chair to force her to have her hair and makeup done to proper SCD standards? Now these are people that need props! Saying that, I actually think this was their best routine, totally in keeping with the Charleston. Plus it was worth it to see Anton do a cartwheel. Alesha was right that it was more of a comedy sketch, I personally would have liked them to have dance to Let's Do It by Victoria Wood instead!

Michelle and Brendan
Michelle is actually dressed as a Disney Princess this week, if she goes out they're gonna send her to Disneyland Paris to wave at people in the parade. Such a classic routine from Brendan, maybe to appease Grumpy Pants Len? Not especially exciting overall, but that can be the way with the waltz, so might that put her at risk of going despite the good score?

Patsy and Robin
I can't believe how much if warmed to Patsy throughout this series, it also helps her and Robin have such a good time too. She may have faced the curse of the stairs, but it did mean she did some dancing on her own and she bounded down them like she didn't have a care in the world. She was totally channelling Kylie, but I myself could have done with a bit more camp!

Scott and Natalie
The rumba is really evil. I really have no idea what to make of it; sometimes I feel male contestants get credit for being a big strong man rather than dancing. It's traditional for men who are doing well to stumble here, we've seen it so many times before, so I don't think he's gonna go. Gosh that was boring. The four from Craig was stupid, but so was the nine from Len- is he saying that rumba was one of the best ever?!

Gavin and Katya
Oh ffs, put that rugby ball down Gavin! Clover texted me halfway through saying "Drop the ball!" so at least that made me laugh. God this was terrible, poor Katya. I don't care what the judges said he seemed to be standing around and walking a bit to me. Haha I've just noticed Gav was wearing one of those waistcoats with a hood from the Apprentice. Seriously, three eights? Mental scoring tonight.

Who do I think will go tonight? Think it might be Michelle. I shall come back tomorrow night when I am inevitably proved wrong.

UPDATE: Well I thought I had predicted it right for once, but then I was knocked sideays by the glitterball to see Jimi and Flavia go! I had practically put Michelle on that float in the Disney parade. Well that was a shock and a half, wasn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for a really good post

Jimi!! Why!!

It's time people who just walk around on the floor and have no personality get voted out...

Do the public actually think Gavin's pecs are what we want to see every week..He.Can't.Dance.
I so agree with you and the ball stunt..haha

As for Ann, well i got to hand it to her, she does make me laugh, but it is time for her to bow out, when ahead, ahem, Anton is really working hard, well he did almost slip a disc with that lifts stunt, using comedy is the best route.