Saturday, 29 November 2014

How Bazaar

The mysteries of Strictly have always confused us: why did Erin think puppets were right for a show dance? Whatever happened to Hayley Holt? Just how does Claudia look like such a hot mess every week? And THEN we have the biggest mystery ever - whoever thought Around The World Week was a good idea? Buckle up, you're in for a bumpy ride...

Pixie and Trent

Death slot, Viennese Waltz, human props and the worst costumes of the night (well, actually that skirt is gorgeous) - but whatever, these two are so likeable and pull it off with a tongue-in-cheek manic smile as ever. Maybe the Dutch theming was that we'd all been smoking something. The song totally suited it though, round and round like a windmill.


Mark and Karen

My relief that Mark wasn't dressed as Elvis was so huge that I could have forgiven this dance quite a lot. Also, Karen's drag queen feather duster dress takes some beating. Unfortunately, he came a cropper with this one - I think it might have been under-rehearsed. The timing was off and it seemed a bit laboured. Also, apparently that was salsa. Let's hope the shirt-ripping gets him some votes, because that was his worst for a while.


Sunetra and Brendan

Being the favourite to go and getting the rumba in a themed week isn't really going to put a spring in your step, is it? Saying that, I loved the song, beautiful and appropriate and vaguely latin tinged, which you NEVER get with a rumba! Good work from Sunetra though, with some fluidity and smoothness and, as ever, a fab routine from Brendan. Unfortunately, I think they're already resigned to leaving this week...


Oh, oh, OK, can I just say that this was a lovely music choice for a rumba and a beautiful arrangement by the band. Lovely simple choreography from Brendan but Sunetra's never really managed to sort out her sloppy legs and feet, so as nice as this was (and it was better than Jake's - so shoot me), I think she may possibly be a goner this week. 

Caroline and Pasha

This was the dance I was most looking forward to this week, if only because Caroline's been so excited about it! Pasha's fez probably wins the Biggest Stereotype of this theme week, he looks like he's in panto! This was totally their best dance - the sheer amount of Charleston she was doing, swivels and solos and lifts all over the place. And what's more, she was so good I barely noticed all the human props faffing around in the background - well done!


Frankie said earlier that this 'transcended the theme.' She's right. It was so good, you didn't notice the props and lops (live props). But please note, I am saying that this was good in spite of the theme not because of it. Well done Caroline and Pasha. 

Simon and Kristina

Appropriate-theming alert! And THEN they came out and did a properly lovely waltz. Who would have thunk? Lovely sherbet lemon dress on Kristina too, who seemed a little overwhelmed by the whole thing.


OK, an Austrian themed waltz is about the most acceptable theme of the evening. I like Simon and he's going from strength to strength. And whoever had the idea to shove the extra dancers at the back out the way? Genius.  

Frankie and Kevin

It took me a while to work out that they're outfits were supposed to be Hawaiian, mainly because Frankie looks like she's been styled as Tiger Lily from a panto of Peter Pan. Despite the painful flying surfboard intro this was so cute, I couldn't help but like it. So much energy and so many steps - compared to their ill-advised Happy Days Charleston this was a lot more fun. Pixie wins the Battle of the Ringers for me, but this was an unexpected pleasure. 


Jake and Janette

This was the one we were all waiting for, the randomness of the Greek Argentine Tango. Well, the song was closer to a tango than a lot of the songs we've had this year I didn't think it was going to be all that random at first. And then Jake started shouting at me - what have I done Jake? I didn't make you do this panto routine and tangle you up with a load of backing dancers. It was odd, he didn't dance it well, I think Janette might murder someone. 


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