Saturday, 18 December 2010


This is it boys and girls. Let the group numbers get more overblown, Brucie's jokes cheesier, costumes spanglier and skimpier and Bruno spontaneously combust. It's been an exciting year and whilst the media says this pointlessly every year I genuinely don't think I can say who is going to win. Off we go!

Matt and Aliona
Well this is going to be odd, blogging about stuff we've already talked about. Anyway, I missed Aliona's fabulously spangly Blackpool outfit but this one is hardly short on glitter. Any bloke who can do a samba in the final as his top scoring dance must be pretty good and those samba rolls were amazing. Maybe Greggs can sell a samba roll in tribute along with Len's infamous cheese roll.

Kara and Artem
Oh my word, will this VT ever end? Is Artem going to propose at the end or something? I see all the dresses are changing, oh well, glad I don't have to see the blamange bed sheet again. A rumba is also a brave choice for a final, one slip and that's it. Wish Craig would stop banging on about illegal lifts, they're not intentional and stop calling them lifts!

Pamela and James
James Jordan is human, who would have thought? God I love this VW, that's all I have to say.

Ahhhh I'm over-excited! Annoyed it's come this early in the evening though, surely the whole damn point of a showdance is that it comes at the end?! It's all a bit premature *snigger*

Matt and Aliona
When this started I was like 'oo-er, street dance' and came over a bit Daily Mail for a moment, I saw a bad streetdance showdance on DWTS once and it scarred me for life. But overall I think they actually got the balance just right and there were other steps in there too. Didn't blow my mind like I was hoping but certainly didn't crash and burn.

I know which she means. It was Apollo and Julianne. Watching a ballroom dancer trying to streetdance is like seeing an 80 year old in a hoodie.

Kara and Artem
Those outfits are hilariously cute, they look like SCD comic book superheroes! Great song choice and the opening was amazing, but was it just me or was the middle section incredibly slow for some reason? The dance its self was pretty great and fun, plus the lifts were stunning. And all whilst avoiding a camel toe! Bruno was right, it could have been a blockbuster.

Pamela and James
Plagiarism alert! I know it was seven years ago but Brendan surely has something to say here. Saying that, it was perfect for Pamela and the choreography was great. I did totally cheer out loud when Pamela did that spin on the floor and got up right, no more crazy teetering! This could be the real crowd-pleaser of the showdances. "Nobody puts granny in the corner".

So who's going first. I'm going out on a limb and saying Matt myself, nothing personal, but I think the street dance element will have put some voters off. But yes, closest. final. ever.

...can't believe Pamela and James went! And right at the start of the show like that too - how brutal!
Matt and Aliona
Much plagiarism going on tonight, someone should order a BBC inquiry. At least it's a cracking song, just right for the tension of the final. Aliona looked the best she has all series, she's bloody good at the paso actually. Liked the flamenco stuff. I know what the judges were saying about it being a tad off, maybe its because we've already had the craziness of the showdances?

Kara and Artem
After about three seconds I knew this dance was going to be all magical and lovely. Classy, romantic, graceful. God Craig is a grumpy sod, just let it go, it's the final!

Loving the class of 2010 rundown, I still think Goldie should have been in it longer. And Jimi obviously. And Scott could have easily wowed the finals with his jive and VW.

As for the last two dances, I loved the VW swing and all - I think it's the creepy undertones of the Wild Rose song. I also however loved Kara's AS and the modifications they did to it. And what a fabulous dress too! Whilst I was watching it I was also caught up in the 'Kara's arm is sprained/broken/going to fall off' drama on Twitter at the time too! Once she stopped dancing she looked like she was going to cry.

I absolutely adored the final group number, whoever came up with that was a genius. Paloma Faith was perfect is a fabulously bonkers glitterball Christmas cracker dress. I was even happy to see Ann and the the return of the World's Ugliest Pants. What a feelgood ending!

Are we nearly there yet? As much as I've enjoyed all the dances tonight I am emotionally exhausted! And the winner is....KARA! Fabulous, worthy winners for sure, but I think I could have accepted anyone this year. My heart is warmed, how sweet.

Roll on Christmas day!

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