Saturday, 4 December 2010

I Like To Movie It Movie It

OK, so it's another special Gimmick Night, but since Blackpool wasn't actually very gimmicky I'm going into this with my mind open. Plus Brucie pretending to be the MGM lion genuinely made me laugh, but I am easily amused like that. Plus Kristina in the tightest pants known to ever grace a Saturday night on the BBC is always worth it. They should have got Julian Clary back for his Top Gun rumba with Erin, but that was about 30 years ago...

Scott and Natalie

Well there was always going to be a Bond, SCD has had some ama-zing Bond routines already so they have a lot to live up to. Doing a paso to the Bond theme was a genius idea and the band knocked it out of the park. The dance was pretty good with paso content, tension and sex, but I think my expectations may have been a tad high. Plus Natalie was, like, naked - maybe they want on first so she can now go put a coat on?

Hola. I was watching Strictly this week with my non-Strictly-fan friend Katy. This looked very dramatic but hasn't there been a Bond theme Paso before? Old hat, my friends, old hat. (A top hat? A fez?) And Natalie, stop passing yourself as a Bond Girl. We all know you're the evil genius, Erin's nemesis...we've been through all this before... Midway through the routine I got distracted by a Hotel Chocolat brochure. Which, as I'm sure you'll agree, is highly understandable.

Ann and Anton

Ann is wearing the most disgusting trousers I have ever seen, not even an 80 year old drag queen in Benidorm would wear those. As ever Anton is dancing for two. To be honest I don't think Ann did anything amusing enough this week to save herself.

In an attempt to dance properly, I think they lost their charm. Perhaps they lost it down those massive trousers. These guys had a good run. I think they're my favourite token rubbishouple (blend of rubbish + couple - it's the linguistic version of a mash-up) of all time. In fact, whilst they were dancing their final dance it was the first time this year I've felt emotional. Nay, it's the first time this year I've even cared. Ann - you are a treasure.

Matt and Aliona

Well the costume department had fun with these two! How utterly adorkable is Matt? Nice to see him totally throwing himself into this, but like the Argentine Tango I would have liked to have seen him do a proper jive. But I won't be a total grumpy guts, it was such good fun and banished all memories of Christopher Parker doing that song back in t'day...

This was too themed. And that is all.

Pamela and James

Pamela the snow queen and James the ice cream man, how cute. I must say for the record that I actually despise this song, it makes me want to feel a bit sick usually, but wow it was perfect here! Loving the timing on the fleckerl. It was divine and I feel quite Christmassy *sigh* Job done guys.

I think I loved the tens more for James than for Pamela. Frankie's talking about fleckerls. This amuses me. What the fleckerl is she talking about? Oh, it was lovely. Pamela is lovely. I so want her to win. The judges clearly want Kara to win. Boo hiss boo.

Gavin and Katya

Gavin looked like a brick wall in his suit, the costume people were right, Katya looks pretty good though! This could have been an amazing number, but Gavin's lack of dancing ability let it down, there was walking in there again. It was quite an odd foxtrot in the end, I was very surprised Len said he liked it! Completely over-marked, I shall leave in a huff *HUFF*

Well I liked it. Yes, I think it was a tad over-marked but such an improvement...If the show were on for about another 350 weeks, he might have gone through enough of a j-j-journey to win. Bit slow off the mark, that's all...

Kara and Artem

Phwoar, that's a dress and a half Kara! I am actually dying with jealously that they get to do the Roxanne tango from Moulin Rouge, did someone use this in Series 1 or am I imagining it? They really brought out the big guns for this one and it totally paid off, cracking. I think I actually heard their feet stamping, must have been deathly quiet in the studio. Rather surprised with the 9 from Craig actually, thought he would have been swept away by it all!

Ooh Ooh, yes I love the song. This was great. I'm not a huge fan of Kara - typical stage school girl who's done all the 'usual' (she claims) ballet, tap, modern - not that that would be an advantage at all hmph hmmm...? Am not saying she shouldn't be in, or that she shouldn't win because of just makes her a little...too good...and perfect, well, it's as boring as. Apart from this dance. Which I did like.

Well the bottom two seems obvious, but as ever, do not estimate the power of Widdy. As long as her or Gav goes I'm happy, anyone else would be horrendous.

RESULTS: Well there we go, Ann has left the building. Bye bye, it was fun while it lasted and unfortunately it lasted a bit too long. Roll on the three-day semifinals!

Was I the only one who was not shocked by Scott's place? Someone's gotta be there. I guess Natalie's got to crank up the evil villain thang again now.

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