Saturday, 10 December 2011

Double or nothing...

Gosh, we're at the semi finals already! This series has flashed by in a, er, flash. They're already going on about Blackpool, which is always good to hear. But some things never change, will Bruce making laboured jokes and Tess in an odd dress, why haven't they finished the bottom half of it?

Harry and Aliona
Totally genius song choice there and my word, what a little outfit Aliona is wearing, they announced that women can go on Navy submarines this morning, dontcha know. And wow, a Charleston dance with some proper Charleston content, nice leg swivels and everything. Not as manic as you would normally see in a Charleston, but Harry did actually look like he was enjoying himself! Not sure about a 39 though...
Strictly-come-Steamboat-Willie. Not sure what the nautical themed costumes were about but I do agree with Frankie (as Alesha agrees with Len) about the song choice being somewhat genius. I fainted with shock when this started as I did not expect to see charleston steps in the charleston. What on earth were they thinking? Is it a dance competition? Well blow me down with a jewel-encrusted samba bum feather.

Alex and James
Alex looks beautiful, proper old-school Strictly waltz dress there. And what a lovely, classy dance too. Not much to say about a waltz, not technically perfect, but such a difference to what she was like at the start. I've really liked Alex throughout the series, she's such good fun!
Yes, she's lovely and Welsh and pretty and yer know. But she's a Carol Smilie, she's a...Jodie Kidd. They improve to a point and get quite far...but never far enough.

Chelsee and Pasha
She had a big task ahead of her after the jive but I LOVED this. The choreography from Pasha was brilliant, it wasn't a 'traditonal' Hollywood American Smooth but there was a great mix of steps and they didn't ruin it with massive lifts. As yes, amazing fluidity in not just her arms but her own body. An 8 from Criag was ridiculous considering what he's given 9s to this series.
Liked the Barbie blue princess dress. Didn't seem particularly American or particularly smooth to me. Ok, it was smooth. Like peanut butter. Mmm. Now that is American. Mmm. Now where was I...?

Holly and Artem
The wardrobe people really hate Holly, don't they? Was waiting for her to fall over at the end of the dance considering how many times she got spun around. Didn't really think there was enough content in this, where were the jigsaw legs? Although some good technique and nice lines. Artem appears to have gone to the James Jordan School of Latin Facial Hair.
I went to that school! Oh no, wait....I actually thought this was quite good. But yet still, she has appears not to connect. The moves were there but the mood was not.

Jason and Kristina
Oh god, a semi final samba, the stuff that nightmares are made of. At least Kristina is wearing a teeny tiny spanglicious dress with one of those shower pouffe skirts, which somehow Jason managed to miss in the compulsory skirt-wafting section! Then halfway through he seemed to have a seizure and become a drunkle uncle at a wedding. Dance of doom...
Oh. Dear. Gawd. This was another dance of Jimi Mistry spasmy awkwardness. Not good enough for a semi-final I'm afraid. But then the samba is the dance of doom (just ask Brenda) Jason was hit by the curse of trying too hard. And it made him look like a Phoebe Buffay mid electric shock.

Here we go again....

Harry and Aliona
No props, no waving your arms about, turns and fleckerl and a beautiful song - just what the jimminy is going on?! I think that is the first time I have ever said jimminy. Seriously though, it was proper good, like.
Mmm yes a dance with dancing in it. Someone is controlling Aliona's brain. The only person with that kind of ability is Erin. Now we just need to know why she's doing it.

Alex and James
Pointless intro, but what an a-ma-zing dress! Not sure if this was a salsa, I'm sure Clover will tell you, but it was a bit all over the place. Was very impressee that she handled the spinning around on the floor bit so well, yes, I know you all read this blog for my technical analysis of the choroegrpahy!

For the good of the entire human race, I'm not going to comment on this 'dance' .

Chelsee and Pasha
The opening VT showed that Chelsee is the one with the best j-word this series. The fan was a mistake, totally distracting throughout the dance, I was waiting for her to put it down the whole time. Other than that, it was great, Pasha with great choreography yet again. Loved the flamenco touches and the sharpness.
Oooh. Loved the flamenco sections. This was intricate and powerful at the same time. The authentic music added to the mood. Chelsee has come further than any other contestant. A worthy finalist and dare I say it...a worthy winner?

Holly and Artem
Seriously, what has Holly done to make wardrobe hate her so much? Charleston is also not a good dance for the semi finals; I like the fact that Artem took a risk in the choreogrpahy, but the combination of the two meant that it didn't really work. Holly was behind a couple of times. Loving how Alesha said she liked the DJ bit, probably contractually obligied as a 'down wit the kidz' attempt.
Liked this twist on charleston. The dance was still there. Well, it would have been if Holly had been in time at all. Which she wasn't. It's curtains for Holly (curtains, valance, geddit?) I guess she was just a pretty face after all.

Jason and Kristina
Slightly distracted by the shade of teak Kristina's legs have been painted this evening, but a fabulous dress nonetheless. Really liked the routine, the way it started out subtle and then built. However, with the lack of eyes and teeth Jason did start getting a bit serial-killer-esque, but what's an AT without drama!
Overplayed, camp and almost grotesque. But it worked. Who'd have thunk it?

Are we at the end now? I'm exhausted! No idea who is going to go now either, seems like Chelsee and Harry must go though, but who else?
Jason. Well we know that now. But Harry or Chelsee to win depending on who does the best dances next week- could be any - just can't call it this time!

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