Sunday, 4 December 2011

Movie mayhem

It's movie week, that's right you lucky people, the least-worst of the themed weeks! Plus we get a delightfully kitsch opening number from the pros, was Bruno supposed to be Flavia's dad at the end? The mind boggles... Also, it appears that Erin's job is now to stand in Tess' area looking elegant in a gorgeous dress just to show other people up.

Robbie and Ola
Ah, when I think of Saturday night family entertainment I always think of Reservoir Dogs. If anyone can beat the curse of trousers/menswear it's Ola, also loving how they couldn't resist the spangle on the jackets. Robbie is better at ballroom, but the quickstep is super-difficult. Not too bad really, definitely better than his last two so-called latin numbers. I want to use Craig favourite quickstep word 'skippy', so there you go. Is it just me who has noticed Robbie has reeeeeally skinny legs?

Harry and Aliona
Alas, the green tights did not make it to the Saturday night show, he looks a bit like a half-hearted jedi knight actually. Plus the VT strayed into Monty Python levels of surrealism. All of which seemed to detract from the fact we seem to have seen a rare example of the lesser-spotted good male rumba! He was leading, he didn't gurn too much and got on with it without seeming scared. Aliona also looked like she was wearing sparkly knickers.

Alex and James
Not wearing the hooker outfit, not wearing the polo outfit, she instead, quite sensibly, goes for the opera outfit. I'm sure there's some people out there disappointed at the lack of PVC boots. There was a hairy moment with stumbling, but I was more worried James was about to spin her into the table at one point. Also enjoying the glamorisation of prostitution, movie week isn't very wholesome!

Holly and Artem
At first I thought Artem had been in some sort of horrible hair-related accident, but other than that this could have been a paso from any week. Which I like. Totally one of Holly's best, she seemed to put a lot more oomph in it than usual. Maybe less Cruella de Ville lipstick next time, but well done for her for pulling it out of the bag. I'm actually amazed there wasn't a sword prop involved, or some sort of dodgy accents....

Jason and Kristina
Well they both look perfect, I only hope this is better than Christine Bleakley's painfully slow Singing in the Rain AS a few years ago. And guess what, it was, I think Jason's got his mojo back after a few off weeks. Slightly spoilt at the end by Jason's massive gurn (this seems to be my word of the week), but other than that it was a lovely routine and good lifts. Although I am getting a bit wary of the idea of Jason doing an Argentine tango, how do you put eyes and teeth into that one..?

Chelsee and Pasha
Well Pasha drew the short straw this week, was he even offered the chance to draw a straw?! And O-to-the-M-to-the-G, where did that donkey come from?! But really who cares, once they started dancing I was only looking at Chelsee. Bejesus, look at those legs go! Jill Halfpenny skill meets the effervescence of Louisa Lytton (ooh, that's a long word). Plus she seemed to be having the time of her life, big smiles all round.

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Anonymous said...

Why on earth does everyone keep whizzing on about Chelsee?? She is stuttery, her steps are rubbish and she is not getting any better! God only can hope that she doesn't get through because of her ditzy 'oh it was just luvly' daftness and because she is young - sadly I think she will be in the final. Get her and alex off and it will be grand!