Sunday, 18 November 2012

BIIIICYCLE BIIICYCLE. Thanks BBC for getting that stuck in our heads. BIIICYCLE.

Just in case you were living in a cave, SCD is back at Wem-ber-leeee this week, the most humongous show of them all. It's not Blackpool though, but we'll try not to be too grumpy about that. They've amped up the sparkle on the dresses this week too, some serious costuming delights!

No, it's not Blackpool. Northernist scumbags. 

Lisa and Robin

This outfits are really making me giggle, Lisa as the actual car wash and Robin as a caveman-mechanic, who says Saturday night entertainment is dead? There was bounce, there were samba rolls and the whole nation screamed when she did the splits! Must say I agree with Len the technique went off a bit, but I think that was because they were just too excited!

I'm not going to moan about props and lifts and tricks and fannying around etc as it's such a huge space to fill that these forms of theatrical bombast are needed to ensure the couple doesn't look like two specks of dust dancing on a dining table. Not that you'd be able to see if two specks of dust on a dining table were actually dancing. Oh, that's my point isn't it? Roll with me here... Now, if we are too rolling with 'Dance Across the Decades', I would like to know in what specific era did folks only have enough money for buttons on one side of their dungarees? Robin, you tease, you. Besides Robin channelling his inner Janet Jackson and Lisa dressing as a Koosh ball, this was, as ever, bubbly and fun. Didn't see much samba but let's be honest, when was the last time we did?

Nicky and Karen

Now the ITT training footage made this look ridonkulously fast, so I had high hopes for this dance. Even with the Jedward quiff. I think it might have been a bit dwarfed by Wembley, the routine seemed a tad slower but had a hell of a lot of content, which I wasn't expecting on a night like this. Alas, rock n roll content rather than jive content. Bit disappointing and rather overmarked but a few weeks ago you'd have expected Nicky's jive to be horrendous!

The training footage looked good for this - and it wasn't bad. Was a bit put out by Len commenting on the lack of jive content being OK because it was 'Rock and Roll.' No, no, no, no, my old friend, Len, would you have been as happy had he come out dancing the Macarena? The polka? If he came out...krumping? I think not. Judges commented on lack of retraction (word of the series) but I was more distracted by his 'naughty toes' feet which gave his movement the imitable quality of a duck's. 

Denise and James

I thought the Egyptian theme wasn't going to work, but somehow it really did! Whilst I hate gimmicks I quite enjoyed James the explorer on the rope. And hurrah for some proper swivels and cartwheels and fancy-pants-ness! My Strictly sense was tingling, I could smell 10s, there were 10s! Twitter is divided, but I'll totally take that as first 10s of the series.

Ridonkulous (I've stolen Frankie's word) theming but a rather nifty charleston. Nice to see some actual steps in it and at least Denise can pull of the pantomime of it all. 

Louis and Flavia

They don't seem to have bothered with a costume for Louis this week, but it's made up for with Flavia's gorgeous dress and amazing shoes! The quickstep content was great, we do love a Charleston interlude, not too sure about a breakdancing interlude. Think this was the curse of Wembley, feeling like you have to put something 'extra' in. Amazed at Darcey's back-handed 'I love the tacky tricks' comment!

This is what would happen if you crossbred a vintage tea party with Dizzee Rascal. If you're going to throw a 'street' (I can't use the word without quotation marks) element into any dance, really, American Smooth? It was disjointed. And Flavia was dressed as a napkin. 

Richard and Erin

I am in love with these outfits, what a kitsch classic delight. Erin as Mailbu Barbie, Richard as George Michael with some banana hammocks in the background. I can't actually remember much about the dancing, it was very light on content but hilarious. Can't believe Erin allowed herself to be thrown into the sea, maybe it's a good job it wasn't in Blackpool!

I think she had a suicide pact. 

Victoria and Brendan

I thought I was going to hate this and I didn't! The bicycle was charmingly insane rather than stupid, the outfit was cool and a bit of Union Jack capework can't be wrong. Savaged by the judges, when I thought this was pretty good when it came to the actual dancing. So there.

Victoria doing her best impression of ET and Brendan with a Union Jack cape? What's not to like? I too thought the judges were quite harsh on Victoria's dancing this week. It was an insane song to have to dance a Paso Doble to. Brendan never looks happier than when he's whipping a cape around his head. 

Dani and Vincent

I know I say it every week, but they're so CUTE! Vincent's quicksteps are always underrated, they have so much style and content and he pulled it off again, even whilst dressed as the Pink Panther! Loved Bruno's comments about the Motown touches. They made it all the way around that huge floor without looking stupid!

Oh two little liquorice all sorts hopping along the floor like Bertie Bassett's wet dream. That is quite possibly the rudest thing I've ever written on this blog. I'm quite ashamed. Really liked this and really like them. If she keeps improving, she'll be giving Denise a run for her money before long. And how much would we love to see Wee Vincent win?

Kimbeley and Pasha

Well the huge skirt was a let-down, a bit like a child playing with a bedsheet, but that was a proper spanglicious dress! There was a hell of a lot of energy in this dance, I got tired just watching it. It seemed to get a bit more samba-y as it went on actually. And I whooped for the samba rolls!

Meh. Sorry but. 

Michael and Natalie

Natalie threatened to chop his leg off in training, I love it. I also love her amazing Oscar-night dress. What a huuuuge routine this was, yet somehow a very acceptable American Smooth rather than an overblown Wembley atrocity. One of the lifts was rubbish, but the other two were very fitting. Amusingly he also missed the timing on the very last note, but still one of the best of the night!

OK, it was a tad over-marked in my opinion but I'm having a little turnaround about dear Michael. The hours and work he is putting in are paying off. This was not only not actually was quite good. I was watching avidly for him to go off time, especially in the segments where he danced on his own...but he just didn't. Credit to Natalie who is, I must declare, an actual genius. Can't see him doing so well in a latin dance but Goughie never really cracked that either, did he?

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CPMV_71 said...

I agree on most things. Have to say I adore Lisa & Robin but Denise & Dani are quite brilliant as well! Technically better but don't let go as much as Lisa does. Nicky.. .. the most flat footed jive for me. No pointed toes, no retraction. .. just legs flabbing all over. Of course Westlife fans vote for him. I understand that. Michael. . .great ballroom dancer and her really works for it! & Nat is the task-misstress :DAnd along wiht Michael & Nat, Dani & Vincent really used the floor quite well.
Louis & Flavia. . . sorry, it is me but I just don't fdeel it from them. For me, not a smooth as I would like to see. Felt too disjointed; like it all was thrown together.
Now let us see tonight who shall remain. . .