Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Samba & Other Rolls

This picture. Just because.
Nice to see you back again, you can come out from behind the sofa - Halloween is over!

Kimberley and Pasha

Nimble Kimble isn't so nimble this week, but I can't think of anything else that rhymes with it so hopefully her knee won't fall out. Plus they said she was flying and she's just sitting down and being lowered, it's not even falling with style! Quite an intricate routine actually, more content than I was expecting despite the circus interlude, the armwork was good even when it got caught in her massive hair. Now it's time for Clover's weekly it-wasn't-a-salsa-moment....

A) There is no such thing as 'the salsa'.
WTF. Salsa is all about 'twisting', Kimberley? No, honey, that's the twist. Easy mistake. *??!!*

Lisa and Robin

I've been really looking forward to her doing another ballroom, there's been too much enforced wackyness over the last few weeks. Oh and Robin is in a purple suit, what a delight, like he works at Cadbury World! Now this is where I get grumpy, the song ruined the dance in my opinion. A tango needs to have tension and this song has none, it was nattering away in the background and totally distracting. I saw some good footwork, might watch it again with the sound off.

I have nothing to say about this other than the song ruined it. Sorry Lisa, Sorry Robin. I just can't get past it. Tango? Whoever made that decision has clearly had a serious blow to the head with the bell end of a trumpet. 

Richard and Erin

I love how Erin always looks distinctly unimpressed whenever she has to go out of the training room for a VT. She does however look fabulous, as is the law. Unfortunately the dance unravelled halfway through when Richard suddenly remembered he had feet. And then the giggles took hold, the dreaded giggles, if it was me I would have just sat on the floor and laughed manically.

She's not lying. That is totally what she would have done. Me? I'd have run away and cried. Oh, he started off OK too. What a shame. 

Denise and James

I get to use the word fleckerl, highlight of my week! To be fair, this dance was the highlight of my week, what an amazing routine from James! Loved how it was constantly moving, the bits out of hold weren't jarring for once, it flowed beautifully. It was so good I even forgot about the strange boob-fringe on her dress!

Ah, beautiful in a dress the colour of spearmint toothpaste. And a breath of fresh air, like, um, spearmint toothpaste? Very nice. Nicer than actual toothpaste, obviously, despite my comparisons in previous sentence. 

Brendan and Victoria

And just when we were getting somewhere, here comes the samba of doom! She really looked like she wanted it to be over as soon as possible and it wasn't even a nice dress. I did like the three samba rolls though, nothing wrong with a samba roll. Fingers crossed for the sympathy vote, being forced to dance on a desk once is bad enough, twice would be excruciating.

Samba roll. My third favourite type of roll, after : 1) Cadbury Mini Rolls 2) Arctic Roll (what happened to that btw?) This wasn't great but as we've discussed on Twitter, there's rarely been a decent samba on Strictly. It's a toughie. Brendan stole Aled's hip-thrust move, however, I hope he asked permission.

Louis and Flavia

Now it's not that I didn't like this, but I might be with Darcey, it was a serviceable samba with lots of content but I wanted to be wowed and I wasn't. Flavia did rock her lampshade dress though. He has been ill though, the poor lamb, maybe there would have been a bit more pizzazz otherwise, he might have been worried he'd throw up or something. Now that would be a first...

Oh?! A latin sounding song for a latin dance? Well blow me down and call me Brenda. (Dunno why, first name popped into my head.) As Frankie said, this was good but wasn't wow. It's suffering from Rachel-Stevens-itis. It's all technically decent but just not hitting the spot. Yet. 

Colin and Kristina

Kristina looks so much like Barbie she might have strayed into Malibu Stacey territory, that is one pink dress! She also looks tiny with him so tall, it's like she's slowly turning into a doll. Nice to see him back in ballroom too, and much improved from last time posture and footowork-wise. Although if he'd kicked any higher he would have damaged the glitterball!

Is this the Ministry of Silly Walks? Colin could give John Cleese a run for his money. Kristina did look tiny in this dance, despite being dressed as a big poof of candyfloss - it really is an odd pairing - but this was a decent dance. I'm not sure how much support this couple has from the public, however.

Nicky and Karen

Rumba, men, just get through it without falling over. Waft, turn, grimace, we know the drill. This was livened up for me actually by Nicky trying not to burst out laughing throughout the whole thing, he may have actually weed himself. I've seen worse to be fair, it's been a long 10 series afterall. His shirt also looked like a shiny boyband bomber jacket! Three sevens was just daft!

Crazy scoring and all posing. However, yes, have seen much worse. Rumba is a nasty one unless you happen to be sleeping with your dance partner *cough Matt cough Di Angelo*. 

Fern and Artem

Artem gets yet more flesh out (how much more is there to show? oo-er), which suggests there might not be much confidence in this paso. Fern started okay, but then it all went to pot and she didn't have enough skirt in her hands for wafting purposes (technical terms, it's what you read this blog for). It suddenly looked like one of those series 1 pasos that just seemed so odd because we knew nothing about them and wondered what the hell a bullfight had to do with anything. How it got sixes I do not know, even Fern looked like she wanted a recount.

Seriously, was anyone even watching Fern?

Michael and Natalie

After last week's revelation there's a fair bit of expectation on Michael now, if only so they can claim he's good at ballroom. This held my attention, which is rare for a straight foxtrot, and not just because there was a promise of candyfloss. Natalie needs to jab him with the electrodes whenever he looks at the ceiling though, eyes down Michael!

Kristina's dress doubling as a prop three dances later? My, the recession is hitting us isn't it? Now I know I ranted about Michael last week and I still maintain it's easier to hide behind a ballroom dance but fair play, that's two decent dances in a row. Next week, however, is salsa I believe. I'm not sure I really want to see that; I'll be hiding behind the sofa. 

Dani and Vincent

Remember Holly Vallance's hideous leopard-print Heartbeat dress last year? This is the version of it you get when wardrobe actually like you, rockabilly style really suits her, I could even forgive Vincent's worrying new wig addiction. This was so cute, proper kicks and flicks section, chicken walk and everything. I do love the chicken walk, it's so daft. It's been such an odd mixed bag tonight it was good to end on something so fun!

Aw! Cute! Dancing: cute. Costumes: cute. Not sure about the wig. 

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