Monday, 24 December 2012

2012 Strictly Closing Ceremony

So here we are, Strictly is a marathon and not a sprint  and come Christmas we're staggering over that finish line trailing sequins. And what a final this is going to be, four couples is unheard of! We're going to be exhausted at the end of this!

As ever, we're not doing each dance separately for the final, they've done them before and it's too much effort trying to be witty about them again! Denise kicked it in the jive, Dani totally vamped up her tango, Kimberley made the VW not suck and Louis discovered his hips!

So let's move on to that festival of randomness that is the showdances!

Denise and James
I was expecting more from that catsuit, it's an Ola Jordan cast-off. Wasn't too sure about this, the lifts were really great but the random interlude into a run-of-the-mill tango went on for too long and it lost momentum. But I do love a knee-slide, that catsuit could've burst into flames!

Dani and Vincent
Well when you're dancing to Bo Rap it's going to get a bit schizophrenic and boy this was. Wasn't sure at the start but once they got into the paso bit they killed it! And wow, once the tea towel came off that was quite a dress. Plus stegosaurus hair too, what a treat! Crazy lifts, we're getting into Dancing on Ice territory here.

Kimberley and Pasha
Well that was the most delightfully bonkers showdance I've seen in a while! I actually loved this, there was content, there was sass, there were lifts but not too many. And wow, wish I could change clothes with a yellow orb! She also wins the blatant disregard for health and safety award for jumping through flames with that amount of hairspray. Well done to Pasha for choreographing a routine that was all about Kimbo.

Louis and Flavia
Well we knew they were going to do soemthing different, don't know how long it took me to catch on to the doing rolling-on-the-floor-gymnastcs, but there you go. Despite that, it had more dance content than I was expecting! Plus tights, actual tights. Crazy times...

And sadly, we lost Dani, along with her super-cute My Little Pony ponytail. Our dark pony, we've loved you so much this series, it's sad to see you go. But for now we must return to the dancefloor battle...

Denise's Charleston was actually better than Wembley, maybe it was better in an enclosed space rather than a ridiculously massive space. But then Kimbers came out and pouted us all into oblivion! What a tango, probably one of my favourite ever Stricty tangos and there's been a lot over the years. After those two I felt Louis and Flavia made the wrong choice, it looked a bit lacklustre after the sheer oomph of the other two.

And as for the classic reunion of all the contestants, you have to love it, don't you?! It's always so camp and hilarious. Actually, this year it was executed quite well! Mainly down to the pros and sticking certain celebs at the back behind things. Gotta love another chance to see Lisa and Robin jumping around too!

Now this is it, who is it going to be? The winner is.....LOUIS! It was the showdance that won it, you can't stand on the world and not impress people. And so happy for Flavia, she's worked so hard! Well it has most certainly been an eventful year, thanks to everyone who's read our blog and tweeted along with the madness!


Anonymous said...

And Thank YOU both for this Blog. Entertaining as hell but I loved to read both of your opinions. Thank you so much & hopefully, see you both next year :)
Merry Christmas, dears!

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The blog is fantastic. And the show was great as well. Waiting for more! :)

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