Friday, 19 September 2008

I see you shiver with antici.......pation!

The big moment is almost upon us, in 24 hours we'll have seen the new celebs teeter down that famous staircase...I can hear the band now, or is that the onset of some sort of Strictly-obsessed illness I have developed over the years?

Its time for the big moment, who will be instantly rubbish but equally loveable? Who will take us by surprise? Will we spot a winner? Most importantly...who will have the best dress?!

So its the *ahem* boys first with a cha cha or waltz. Thankfully John Sargeant is doing the waltz, but then again we shouldn't assume he should be going out first...

Turning to the girls, we have a group cha cha, which is a new innovation but I quite like it. It seems fair to give them something similar to the boys and I'd rather see a cute little cha cha rather than some daft watered-down swing-thing. Plus, it means more super-sparkly frocks!

So what am I betting? 2 to 1 someone cries, 5 to 1 someone falls over, 3-1 Bruno gets over-excited and leaps out of his chair and where will Bruce's jokes rate on the Stink-O-Meter? This would be so much better if I could actually understand betting odds...

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