Saturday, 13 September 2008

Pre-view de doo de do de doooooo

You may have noticed that Frankie hasn’t written anything for a while and you’ve just been subjected to my dulcet, um...typing? Or you may not have noticed at all – and you may not even care – but I’m going to apologise on her behalf and without her consent and say that she’s actually got to pretend to be busy and important for most of September, hence the lack of Strictly waffle (straffle? – ooh I like the word, though it does sound like a hybrid Germanic/Belgian treat). Nah, she’s gone to the seaside! You can take the girl out of Blackpool...and she heads straight for...Bournemouth?!

Well, on to the Strictly preview show. I actually squealed when the new credits burst onto my screen, a fair achievement given that I have a very sore throat at the moment. This is just a quick post really to divulge a few things that popped into my head whilst watching...

1) I do not like Lisa Snowdon. She is annoying.

2) Jodie Kidd is seriously cool.

3) Austin Healey seems like an extremely nice chappie.

4) Has Erin had botox?

5) Is it me or did they all look more ORANGE than usual?

6) Did I hear them say that Hayley Holt is a ballroom specialist? Interesting...

7) I haven’t really warmed to the new pros but I guess there’s plenty of time for that.

8) Wee Vincent and Rachel are so CUTE!

9) It could be Camilla’s year this year...and about time, bless her.

10) When do we find out what group dance the girls are doing next week, dammmmit?!

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