Sunday, 28 September 2008

The Worst of the Trots

Firstly, I must say that the entry title is courtesy of my friend Chris who refers to the foxtrot as thus, mainly because he has issues with the music. But speaking of blog entry titles, isn't it funny that the Sugababes sang 'Here Come The Girls' after Frankie entitled last night's entry the very same phrase? Sometimes that girl freaks me out with psychic dance the time she predicted Brendan and Camilla would dance a Bond themed showdance at the Eurovision Dance Competition...but really, Frankie, if you're going to predict stuff...surely it would be better to predict something a bit more, um...useful...? Lottery numbers? The weather? The outcome of global warming?

Anyway, this is just a quick entry about stuff that popped into my head whilst watching the results show this evening. I'm glad, as I'm sure you know, that Gillian, glad's the wrong word, but I think the right person went. I think Jessie deserved another chance and I'm glad ye olde public voted for her. I felt sorry for Jodie Kidd but, ah, next week's another week...well, it IS another week because they're not dancing for voticles for another fortnight now - and who knows what may happen between now and then?

I've warmed to the new pros. That showdance thingy-me-whatsit was fab-u-lous. I think I've definitely warmed to them more quickly than I warmed to James and Ola...which took me a long time...the ice-cold hatred I have for James' serial killer eyes is only just beginning to thaw - but, I tell ya, my pretties, it IS thawing. My friend Katy says that Cherie Lunghi looks like she smells her own farts but I think the Cherie/James partnership is simply charming (dahhling).

I did not know what to expect of Jill Halfpenny. I mean, it's four years since she won in spectacular fashion in Blackpool Tower Ballroom (the best of all the ballrooms...well, it's the only one I've ever danced in so I can't really comment from EXPERIENCE, but I'll go with the general opinion...) and she's had a baby, was clearly going to be out of practise and well, has Alesha to match up to now...but my gosh, if Alesha had been wearing socks, Jill would have knocked, nay BLOWN, them off. She really still is queen of Strictly. That dance tonight had all the energy of an H-bomb - but with slightly more pleasant consequences, naturally.

(I expect there will be some fierce comment appearing here soon from anti-Jillite, Frankie...probably in purple. But maybe ANGRY red. )

Just time for a little purple interlude...yes, I am indeed an anti-Jillite. Not because I think she was a bad dancer, but because I found her as boring as Mr Beige Darren and felt series two was made rather dull in places by the judges constantly going ON AND ON about her. Julian Clary was the first person to have a Strictly Journey and Densie Lewis was the first successful sportsperson but they've been all but forgotten! And if I see a clip of that Jive one more time on ITT I'm going to scream! Ok it was good, but we don't need to see it three times a week for the rest of our lives! *ahem* carry on Clover...

Can't WAIT for Marian Keyes on ITT this week. I LOVE Strictly...I LOVE Marian Keyes...I look forward to that five-minute slot ALL year.

Ditto, let's get her on as a contestant!

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Unknown said...

Hey, Alemanarama!

Here is Brazilianfeet (aka Marcela) from SCD forum. Just stopping to say hello and totally agree with your comments, it was the right person to go and, yes, Jill would knock Alesha down for sure *lol*