Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Close Encounters of the Strictly Kind Pt. 2

Now I warn you already that this is not half as exciting as happening upon Brendan Cole at a random tube station on one's way to work (still jealous), but I thought I'd write a brief account of our experience at the Strictly Come Dancing Tour this year. Snooze, you might think...1000s of people enjoyed the same thing. Well, I'll wager that no one else had quite the same experience...

After an overly hot (hot, hot?) meal in Nando's at the Printworks in Manchester, we (we being me, Frankie, friend-from-work-Clare and Clare's ten year old ballroom dancing son) ambled over to the MEN Arena to get ready for the show. Note about Clare: I've been trying to get her to guest blog but due to the inconvenience of having three children and A. Life. I have yet been unable to convince her - but all you need to know is that she's a huge Strictly fan and somewhat this story will go on to illustrate.

We made our way to the seats (front row, floor seating, absolutely unbelieveable and to this day cannot thank Clare enough for getting them) and enjoyed the show, much like everyone else in there. Couldn't believe how close we were to the action, yada yada. It was coming to the end of the show, there all the dancers and celebs were, doing their final dance when Clare managed to catch Monsieur Bennett's eye and BEGGED him to come over and sign her son's programme. Darren looked pained, to be honest but the little darling stopped dancing and came over and hurriedly signed the programme. Most people would be happy with that, huh? Not Clare. What does one say when one is faced with a Strictly pro mid-dance? Congratulation on their performance, perhaps? Say how much you're a fan? But no, Clare blurted out: "CAN I KISS YOU???" and then, without waiting for a response, planted a sloppy on his cheek. He then dashed off to rejoin the troupe leaving her forever as the 'lady who grabbed Darren Bennett' (she was recognised by several women in the MEN toilets after the show...)

We have reason to believe that Clare is now on the Russian Mafia's 'Most Wanted' List.

* Note: See the picture above? That red blur is Darren Bennett running away after Clare's kiss. Le seriously.

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