Saturday, 1 October 2011

Here we go again!

...and we're back!

Tess looks a lot better tonight, a lot more Veronica Lake and a lot less one of the Saturday's mums. As for everyone else, there's a serious amount of spangle going on this series!

Harry and Aliona

The band did a really good job with the song, but would have liked to have seen a few more Jagger-esque moves. But then again it could have turned into dad-dancing. Pretty decent, as we were expecting, but I think it could have had a bit more hip action. He danced first, kinda, so that is in his Winning Formula favour...but then again he did win our poll so he might be doomed! Aliona's hair is a bit more restrained this year so we won't have the fun of Hair Watch.

I am fascinated to know if his rhythmic drumming equates to rhythmic feet. And by and by, it looks like it might. Great current song choice and the first cha cha this year I saw actually being danced on 2 (I couldn't tell of the Friday lot if they were all just screwing up or had been taught fake-cha-cha-cha- aka fa-fa-fa.) Regarding Aliona's hair. It is now peach. That is not a colour that anyone wears well. Unless they are a peach.

Rory and Erin

We already love Rory, he's so much fun and him and Erin seem like a good evil genius team. Rory started out looking nervous but then went into a full-on Tony Blair smile and stuck with it for the whole dance! Not 100% sure about the song choice, it just kept building and building into a mighty bombastic crescendo that seemed a tad OTT for week 1. The dancing was pretty good for a first attempt, plus there is some elegance in there. I wanna see a journey!

I apologise on behalf of Frankie for the use of the word 'bombastic' as I know now you will be all (like me) mentally singing along to the Shaggy track 'Mr Boombastic.' And well, if you weren' probably are now. But on to the waltz...this song takes me back to my (short-lived) days of ballroom dance lessons. And as competant as Rory's waltz was, I can't think of anything other than my teacher's rather boombastic voice shouting WHHIIIIISSSSK, WEEEEAAAAVE, WIIIIIIINNG. Shudder.

Alex and James

There's no way around it, I didn't like the song. It was too slow and trying to be cool when a cha cha needs to be full-on disco camp to me. It got better as it went on and Alex did seem to be enjoying it and her spangle-tastic dress. I am unexpectedly wary...dare I say it was a bit dull?

O-to-the-M-to-the-bejesus. Not only does she look like Christine Bleakley, she also dances like her. There really are some core issues here. It is like her arms and legs are completely unconnected to her torso. Timing seemed pretty good though, despite, yes, a ridculously slow song for a cha cha cha. Is it me or is the height of James' hair slowly creeping back into mad scientist proportions? Watch this space.

Chelsee and Pasha

Now that is the proper Disney Princess of a dress. Really nice song choice and choreography from Pasha, looks like we have a good one here! Kinda agree with Craig's frenzied comments, but she was totally into it, which is good to see this early on. Plus he gave her a seven, which not many people get in week 1!

Despite looking a bit like a cross between a marshmellow and a toilet roll cover, Chelsee did a great job on this actually. I say credit for the oomph - none of the other celebrities had much of it, so perhaps she felt she need to make up for it. Can't wait to see her in the latin.

Edwina and Vincent

How many egg and Currie jokes can we get into one series? Maybe Greggs can do an egg and curry sandwich in her honour if she gets to the final. Not sure about that necklace, so big it looked like it was keeping her head on. Oh and the song, Gloria Hunniford danced a jive to that, oh it's the older lady standard all of a sudden! Edwina is actually mental, some may say deluded, but my she is having a good time.

Yes, Edwina they know you for eggs. They also know you for...well, you know. Ew. But by the by, she does seem to be having a jolly good time. Dressed made her look a bit like a jiggling blob of ketchup.

Nancy and Anton

What kind of job description is 'Italian siren'? That's one step away from arsonist. Anton has either forgotten how to do choreography or Nancy thinks it's better just to wear the dress. The bit with the stuck feathers was hilarious, like a rouge muppet was attacking them. It really was a daaaaarnce disaaaaaarster, but damn I want to see more of this glamorous car crash! Is a 3 the lowest score Alesha has ever given?

OH HERE WE GO. It looks like Nancy will actually be able to dance but oh-the-god-no, Anton can't be outshone by his partner. He has to play the goose, get the laughs etc. It annoys me. It works with a partner like Ann, of course, but at least give Nancy a chance? But with the salsa next week I'm not hoping for much. And I have already bought the pins to stick into my eyes when Anton breaks out the hips...

Jason and Kristina

Hopes are high for Jason, let Kristina do some decent dancing for once! Guess I didn't have to worry, best dance of the night in my opinion! They look like a really good team together too. Not much more to say apart from Bonza!

Ah yes, hopes are high. But is he trying too hard? Think back to Dom Littlewood. He had the second highest score in week one...then look what happened. He turned creepy on Lilia's ass. Literally. I hope I am wrong but where enthusiasm works in week one, it starts to get boring real soon.

Sorry for the slight delay in posting. I'll be honest and admit that Frankie refused to post my birthday present unless I chipped here it is! ;)

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