Friday, 25 September 2015

Sparkly Shenanigans!

Here we go again, the glitter bandwagon is rolling back into town! Mercifully, the opening week is split into two again, so you're getting Frankie tonight and Clover tomorrow.

Kellie and Kevin
Does this mean Kellie is going to get to the final? The winning formula never lies, usually. Kevin bravely put a lot of arm stuff in there, but the first thing I noticed was that her arms weren't very good. Once they got in hold properly they were away though, it looked like an actual tango, it was sharp and pretty good for a week one dance. Although I'm all about the eyes and teeth and Kellie is a prime candidate, give her a kitschy dance next week!

Anthony Wake-me-up-before-you-Ogogo and Oti
Wow, that was a hot mess of potential! Great kicks and flicks (leaping about like a gazelle on really spindly legs!), lots of energy and enthusiasm - anything that involved flexibility an absolute disaster! Really nice choreography from Oti too, she's got to work around a wonky shoulder and a million props, they've thrown her in at the deep end. I've got high hopes for these two.

Helen and Aljaz
Well this was a dramatic change of pace. I also need to see Helen out of nude tones, I hate nude. This was your typical week one waltz, floaty and nice and inoffensive. Helen's going to get so many ringer allegations thrown at her, but she did look pretty nervous and wobbly at times. But her and Aljaz also look like a really good team, Helen is also so incredibly into this that it's brilliant.

Carol and Pasha
Oh, more amazing Pasha acting in the VT as he shouts out the name of random British towns he's never heard of. Horrendous opener, although I can forgive Pasha on a cloud because it's batshit crazy. By the time they got round to doing some dancing, Carol seemed to freak out, seize up and forget half the dance. I did like the return of the old Matthew Cutler hands-on-the-hips-so-we-don't-have-to-do-arms trick. Saying that, they had a laugh, and if someone can't have a laugh on Strictly you might as well be dead.

Daniel and Kristina
Well this was nothing if predictable. A sensible, simple waltz with extra schmaltz and Shamrocks layered on. If he wasn't going to be able to a week one waltz then we were going to be in trouble. I do wonder if he's one of those people who goes quiet when he's nervous, or if he's part robot. Deep breaths people, I'm sure we're in for weeks of this.

Anita and Gleb
New pro outing number 2! And a sexy ripping-off-of-the-cagoule moment never before seen on British TV! This was everything a cha cha should be; cheeky, spangly and more than a bit camp. And what an amazing dress, they pretty much dressed her as the glitterball. Good choreography and teamwork, as well as Anita being endearingly manic, I knew she'd be the dark horse!

That was over pretty quickly,  it all went by in a very colourful, sparkly flash. We'll be back for tomorrow night's shenanigans!

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