Wednesday, 9 September 2015

What a lovely pair!

Hey hey hey, Strictly Season is upon us! The super-camp title of this blog post is dedicated to the super-camp opening on the porn train, just when you thought the show couldn't get any more random. Although I did love that opening, just the right side of perky with fabulous outfits.

Ainsley and...Natalie!

That is the most pimptastic Strictly outfit ever, sparkles and prints and hats - oh my! Kinda disappointed that he's been partnered with Natalie, hopefully I'll eat my words but I just can't see him making the final, or even the semis (and that's half the contestants these days anyway). But he's got bags of character and Natalie loves having someone she be creative with, good luck to them.

I think he'll be great. Bonkers, yeah, and exploited by the producers as an ... 'entertainment' contestant. Yet, if the group dance is anything to go by he actually should be a pretty good dancer too. Out of the current pros, Natalie is probably the best at getting the very most out of her partners, no matter the ability. He could be one to watch. 

Iwan and...Ola!

Despite the tabloids ruining the reveal for us, I think this could work very well for Ola, again despite the Sun claiming she had a massive whinge about it (seriously, who cares?). A sportsman with lots of enthusiasm is something she can work with. Hopefully he'll knuckle down to training rather than trying to crack jokes and mug the camera.

I'm afraid he won't be getting any votes from me. Anyone who picks a woman up like that and flings her about, so that she can do nothing about it, demonstrates nothing but a lack of respect. You can blame it on nerves, you can blame it on excitement but I'm afraid it's barely forgivable. It will take a lot from him now to make me like him. He'd have to, like, save a granny from a falling boulder and be really humble about it. 

Jay and Aliona!

Oh my word, Aliona is allocated someone with a fighting chance of getting past week 2! This is literally the first time she's had anyone with a hope since Harry Judd. I don't think she knew how to cope when it was announced, she didn't have to do one of the hilarious happy faces. Jay could go either way, he looks like he's going to be pretty stiff and awkward for the first few weeks, embrace the sparkle Jay!

I wasn't expecting this either, as we have all kind of got used to Aliona getting the dud. However, Jay didn't look most comfortable in the group dance so there's lots of work to be done. I've never really felt that Aliona has had a good track record of working on those who don't already have great dance ability. Most likely though, he'll get high scores because he's young. Whether he can dance or not. 

Jeremy and...Karen!

Gosh Jeremy is tall and gangly, I don't know how I didn't notice this when he was prancing around the swingometer. He's fallen into that superfan haze of the show and seems totally prepared to make a fool of himself in the name of fun. Karen will be disappointed not to get someone young and hot, but after the Dave Myers phase, we know she's also good at entertaining routines.

Oh Jeremy, you dad-dancer extraordinaire. He's going to be a good sport. And he could be in for a good few weeks because of that. He could be this year's break out star of madness a la John Sergeant/Widdy/Nancy. Anything is possible.

Helen and...Aljaz!

Woof, now there's a team to beat! Helen's already a strong favourite, especially if she isn't too ringerish. Her "I was convinced I was getting Anton" comment was also hilarious, I hope she blurts out some other gems like that over the series. I think Aljaz is going to choreograph some great routines for her, he's already shown with Abbey and Allison that he knows how to do the best for his celeb.

These two are as cute as buttons.

Jamelia and...Tristan!

I had a sudden vision of Jamelia dancing with Anton, can you imagine? Alas that was cruelly dashed away from me and she got Tristan. Now, we did all fall for him last year, but we've not really had a chance to see him flex his choreography muscles - now should be his chance. You've got some raw material, show us what you can do.

Jamelia seems like she may be a classic Marmite contestant. I've no issues with her, but some people I know have been, like, err no. Frankie tells me she's bonkers. I always like bonkers. And yay, Tristan of the delightful accent is back. It's time to see what you can really do, mate.

Georgia and...Giovanni!

Sexy pairing hoping they have a relationship, blah blah blah. Although some people are already making Louisa and Vincent comparison - I think that's going a bit far considering they were one of the proper magic couples. Saying that, Georgia doesn't seem to have bot tendencies and is willing to throw herself into it, so we shall see what Giovanni makes of her. 

I don't know enough about her - or him - to make any guesses at all here. If they get on well, they could be full on adorbs, but there's always the risk that a couple like this could be full on zzzz. Let's hope it's the former.

Kirsty and...Brendan!

It's Gabby Logan mark 2, or is it? I really can't tell at the moment. Brendan will be happy to get someone eager, sporty and raring to go, that's for sure. Not much more to say at the moment though.

I love Brendan, so the fact I'm finding this coupling underwhelming is a shame. 

Anthony and...Oti!

Now I'm looking forward to see what these two can do. I feel like Oti is my favourite new pro already, if only because all the boys have been allowed to do is pout in soft focus. They seemed to have to good chemistry from the off and he looks like he's champing at the bit to get going. Hopefully he won't need a sparkly shoulder support.

Cute with a capital Q. I like Oti. She seems feisty. And Anthony looked like he might be a wee bit scared of in awe of her, which could be somewhat amusing.

Daniel and...Kristina!

Oh Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, you might have your twinkly Irish ways and look good in tails, but you actually have to move around a bit. I suspect there could be a lot of walking from him during their numbers. Kristina, bring out the John Sargeant school of choreography again...

I was almost pleased for poor, poor Kristina that she has a partner that the Daily Mail can't (probably) latch on to as her apparent next conquest. She was wonderful with John Sergeant, as we'll all remember, so it would be lovely if we get to see some of that funny and clever woman we knew many moons ago, without all the stress and hassle of the tabloid press taking over. 

Peter and...Janette!

Interesting! Everyone was wondering who would win the battle for Andre, I hadn't realised how tiny he was. And 42, he does not look 42! Will he be a ringer? Are men ringers? I can't remember many, maybe Matt Baker? Also, there's a love/hate thing going on with the public and I'm not sure if the involvement of Janette can have an effect on that. Although she will of course put in some sparky routines to keep us all entertained on his...j-word.

Ringer yeah, probably the closest this year. He ROCKED that group number. If he's not had years of dance training (has he? I don't know), he's certainly a natural. I'm expecting camped up, but awesome latin numbers and soul-searching I-Didn't-Know-I-Was-Classy ballroom journeys. One to watch. 

Anita and...Gleb!

I've never seen anyone look so happy with their pro partner, Anita is hilarious. She's out of her comfort zone with Strictly but is self-deprecating and throwing herself into it. And looks amazing in the frocks, so hopefully the show will bring her out of herself. Not sure about Gleb yet, it's all a bit Bond villan-y to me.

She was pretty good in the group number. Relatively unheard-of, but she could be a real underdog. Gleb. The sound seems familiar to me, but I don't know why. 

Kellie and...Kevin!

I am wary of the fact that they gave Kellie such a frumpy dress, ah my hatred of sleeves lives on. She could easily be one where nerves get in the way, she seemed a wee bit manic. Although good ol' Kevin Clifton is a nervous girl's best friend, I can see them working well together.

There's something about the Kevin-fandom that's making me think that these two are already going to be firm favourites. I'm predicting at least the semis already. Unless she's hopeless. But somehow, I don't think she will be.

Katie and...Anton!

OK, so I would feel sorry for her, but it looks like they get on like a house on fire! We had him lined up for Carol, but there was no strikingly obvious choice this year. I think this is more of a Fiona Fullerton year for Anton, they'll do some good ballroom numbers and have a whale of a time. Also, from the group dance, I saw some pretty good cha cha footwork from Katie, she could surprise us.

They will have a jolly, spiffing old time.

Carol and...Pasha!

Haha, Carol looks like the cat who got the cream, or more importantly, didn't get Anton. She's also one of those infectiously happy people, I think we will see elements of Deborah Meaden in her. She blatantly would have got Robin if he was still on the show (booo!). Pasha wasn't going to get a ringer having won last year, but he seemed pretty happy. Also, please continue to give Carol such fabulous dresses!

Deborah Meaden? As long as she doesn't have to dance with a desk, she'll be one up. 

And as for the group dance, it was the usual hot mess. Here, as ever, are some random observations from me: Katie had some surprisingly nifty footwork, Iwan was enthusiastic but stompy, Daniel was as stiff as a board, Ainsley was trying very hard to be smooth, Jeremy is a hilariously endearing dad dancer. Carol is also having the time of her life and was flinging her skirt around like a complete loon. I'm also putting a full-on eyes and teeth warning out on Kellie.

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