Wednesday, 9 September 2009

10 Sure Fire Signs You're A Superfan

You’ll always watch Strictly no matter what the line up is because you love the pros more than the celebs. You even love the the pros you hate. You even love the pros you don’t remember because they had the charisma of a kumquats. Hayley Who?

You have enrolled in ballroom dancing lessons. That is, in your quest to be the next Erin Boag, you willingly and happily spend your time being taught foxtrot by some old chappie with hearing aids (and therefore an incapability to count to the beat) and who smells faintly of cabbage.

You consciously haven’t enrolled in ballroom lessons on the off-chance that you might be asked to compete on Strictly Come Dancing and would be forced to decline due to ‘previous ballroom experience.’

You buy clothes with lampshade-like fringing on them. Despite having nowhere appropriate to wear them.

Your only point of reference with popular music is, for example: ‘Oh, that was Claire and Brendan’s Samba!’ or ‘Kate and Anton danced a tango to that, yer know...’ You = fascinated. Friends = Zzzzzz.

You use words such as fleckerl, cucaracha and botafogo. You’re not 100% sure what they mean.

You imagine yourself to be ‘using the floor’ whilst walking down the street and ‘moving from your core’ whilst washing the dishes.

The Strictly Come Dancing theme tune is your ringtone and you hum and/or whistle and/or sing it at work almost constantly between the months of August and January. Despite working in a public building.

You spend valuable shopping time following a Karen Hardy lookalike around Topshop.

You start compiling lists of all the crazy SCD-related things you and your friends have been known to do and publish them on a blog for all to see. But no one I know would do that; that’s going a bit too far – isn’t it?


Anonymous said...

Love this blog post so much !! It defenitely made me smile ツ xO

Loulabelle44 said...

OH MY GOD! Do you girls know me???

I'm so embarassed at how many of these are true for me...

Jaye said...

LOL - yep, 8/10 of them is me ...