Sunday, 27 September 2009

Simon Says...

Poo to you, ITV. We have our very own Simon and he's set to put Mr Cowell to shame. So here we are, with the first instalment from our guest blogger, Simon Grogan, ten year old, ballroom dancer and Strictly Come Dancing expert.
"Now I've seen everyone dance I have come to the conclusion that it is going to be a good competition this year. Zoe Lucker especially surprised me. She did a very good waltz but her rumba was even better. Ali and Brian performed two amazing dances last week, maybe I think the two best dances of that group. Their waltz was very romantic and she looked like she had been dancing for years. I have done the waltz in my dancing lessons and think that the steps are simple but the dance itself has many specific things to perfect, which makes it harder.

Laila and Anton are one of my favourites, from watching SCD from the start, I know that Anton has had many dreadful partners, (not Patsy Palmer she rocked!) It's nice to see Anton having a fantastic partner to dance with at last!!!! I personally think that Laila's best dance was the cha cha cha even though the judges dont agree with me, I thought she did really good new yorks and had nice strong arms. I have high hopes for Laila.

Craig Kelly was my dad's best friend for a long time so I better watch what I say. I thought him and Flavia have a good connection, I especially like the Tango it gave a very interesting twist to the dance which I think is always fun as it makes it more exciting to watch. I was very relieved that Craig went through! So Craig if you are out there and have read this please consider me to be on the guest list ;)

So my best dancers so far are Laila and Anton but I dont mind who wins, they are all brill. The worst dancer was Richard Dunwoody who is now out!

At the moment I am learning the jive and formation cha cha cha. I am hoping to find a dance partner who is the right size for me and who wants to go far in their dancing because I want to be on Strictly one day! I have just got 3 highly commended dances for the quickstep rumba and samba so I am very happy about that!

That's it for me today folks but make sure you look out for more Simon says..."

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Jaye said...

I look forward to more Simon says! Thanks for the link - I'll add yours onto mine! :-)