Friday, 18 September 2009

Ballroom Blitz

So here we are yet again at the beginning of another Strictly series. It's been decided that this week I'll be blogging the ballroom and Frankie will natter on about the latin tomorrow - and then next week, we'll swap (I hope...we haven't discussed it but I want a latin week...hmmm...) I'm not going to talk about the show in general (that is, what we think of Alesha, new pros etc) as I think that deserves its own post. Sooo, fer now, on to business:

Rav and Aliona

First on, so will he make it to the final? It's really too early to say. Despite clearly suffering from Andrew-Castle-Bottom-Syndrome, it wasn't all bad. I think it's a tad unfair to judge the tangos and waltzes equally as, though you my disagree gentle readers, a waltz is so much easier to pull off, don't cha think? But Aliona, my my, an illegal lift? Do we have ourselves a Bad Girl of Ballroom to rival Brendan? About time too.

Ricky and Erin

Erin's characteristic steely determination overshadowed gawky Ricky in the training footage. You can't knock the girl for trying. Well you can, but it upsets people. True story. Anything I could have said about the dance was completely disregarded once I realised just where I knew that song from. The theme tune to 'Birds of a Feather'?! All I can think of now is 'waddle-eye-dooo' and something about a ghost called Smym.

Chris and Ola

Some say (on Twitter, which I have just been reading) that this was the surprise of the night. Perhaps it was. I personally thought it was a wee bit robotic but then, surely it was the best tango of the evening (Face it, the others sucked. Huge time) Kudos for the dress, Ola...and glad to see you kept the head-banging to yourself this year (one at the beginning and one at the end) instead of inflicting it on your poor celebrity.

Jade and Ian

Ian in BFF mode again. He's a true little gem of a friendly chap, isn't he? Jade looked like a Disney Princess in pink and I wouldn't say it was a bad job at all. But the song? I don't object to the fact that it's been used before but I do object to the fact that I am sick to the very back of my back teeth (wisdom teeth?) of it. It is the most over-played track at my ballroom class and half way through poor Jade's routine, all I could imagine was dancing-teacher-Jason's booming voice going 'PRACTISE WALTZ!'

Martina and Matthew

Has the BBC stolen Jason's CDs? Yet another over-played waltz track at my class. Martina scrubs up well, looking considerably better all glammed up than on the court...but then one would, wouldn't one? Again, a nice dance and I'd guess some potential? Gah, I'm pretending I care. Ya can't tell nuffin' from a waltz. I mean, John Sergeant's was decent, wasn't it?

Lynda and Darren

I'm with Craig on this one. I was bored. I liked the song choice but, uh, that's about it. The most exciting thing to happen in this dance was the text I received from Clare-at-Work exclaiming 'I'VE KISSED HIM!'

I'm issuing a side note in warning to Alesha. 7? Don't play games, Missy. It won't win you any favours. No more twee and fanciful voting please; it's patronising. Frivolous voting doth not a happy Clover make.

Ali and Brian

This really was quite lovely. Ali appears to be quite lovely. Brian is quite lovely. Lovely can be lovely. Lovely can be dull. The fringed shoulder pads on Ali's dress made it look as though she'd got lost on the way to Dallas - and did I see Brian welling up at the judges' comments? Bless.

Joe and Kristina

Eagerly anticipated, tough-guy-goes-ballroom, bookies' favourite...? Well, it really was quite hideous. I think Kristina had a better first dance last year. Joe was prowly in a Kenny-Logan-Does-Paso kind of way and, on the whole, didn't do very much at all. There was so much wrong with it that Len didn't even comment on the fact they broke hold in the middle - and we all know how much he likes to comment on that. Joe did look terrified however and that can't have helped. As a sportsman, I'm sure there's more in him.

Group Mambo

There was so much going on there it was very difficult to pick dancers out, though out of the corner of my eye, I did thunk I spy a gyrating Ricky Whittle? Am I right? Shirley Ballas is one tough cookie - makes Arlene seem like a fwuffy pussy cat. I liked the rueda moves but I think they were dancing on one? In tribute to the passing of Patrick Swayze this week, I will end on a quotation:

"You don't step on the one. You gotta start on the two. Find the two. Understand?"


Anonymous said...

I think the problem with dance allocation is that you need to give the pros an "easy" dance to smooth them in, but in the eyes of the public the only dances are waltz and foxtrot and...that would mean an entire night of only waltzes and foxtrots. Which would have forced me into a coma.

Clover said...

Hi Monkseal :-) Thanks for dropping by!
I guess they can make foxtrots look pretty graceful on SCD but it's not an easy far the hardest. I HATE it! I think it was cruel to make the girls start with that last year!

Anonymous said...

Love the post! Of course, I am delighted with Ali & Brian's Waltz last night (can we say breathtaking?) and I also quite enjoyed Jade & Ian.

Looking forward to tonight!