Saturday, 26 September 2009

A Woeful Lack Of Lilia

[Plea] Frankie and I both have commented that the previous two series have suffered from a dreadful affliction known as L.O.L. aka 'Lack of Lilia' - the reason this has such an adverse effect is two-fold. Firstly, she has the best costumes. Usually. Think Candyman jive (just don't think about her partner whilst doing so.) Secondly, we all fell in love with Aled and Lilia, Goughie and Lilia, Matt and Lilia - we just want to recreate that giggly magic. Come on BBC, if Darren and Lilia are in next series, pleeeease give her a goodie.[/Plea]

So tonight's dances...? Here goes:

Phil and Katya

Tufty, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and really quite charming. Not a great cha cha cha technically by a long shot, but so what? I like there to be room for improvement. Reasonable room, that is. Darren Gough was a ballroom whizz but struggled in the latin - and look how far he got. Clare-from-Work says his style reminds her of early Ramps, if not as natural - maybe there's something in this cricket lark. Loved the fringing on Katya's dress. The costumes are first rate this year.

Craig and Flavia

Oh we do love a local lad. But it didn't move me (the spider that promptly scuppered into my lap during this performance did, however. In fact, it moved me rather quickly, but that's another story...and completely irrelevant) There didn't seem to be much chemistry here - but then was I comparing this to Flavia's last rumba on Strictly which was hoooot (that's hot, not a hoot) but then that was with Matt and well, ahem.

Laila and Anton

Notable non-waxage aside, I didn't think this was all that bad. In fact, I enjoyed seeing recognisable cha cha steps for a change. But therein lies le problemo. Anton. Not only does he look strange dancing latin (I'm sorry fans but he does) he seems to struggle with choreographing latin routines. It was too meh. This is why I've never been too fussed that he's been given duds - give him a good one and he could ruin her chances of making the final. Loved the song choice though. Kitsch, old-school, darling cha cha cha. And the peacock coloured frock was to die for.

Zoe and James

James I've-Stuck-My-Fingers-In-A-Plug-Socket-And-Come-Out-Looking-Like-A-Billy-Idol-Wannabe Jordan has the knack of choreographing scrumptious rumbas. Cherie's last year was a delight - this one, even more so. Len might not like it slutty but this worked. Though a nice song choice, I couldn't help myself from thinking about Bridget Jones and wondering if Zoe should have danced it in 'scary stomach holding-in pants, popular with grannies the world over...' Yer know, for characterisation purposes.

Jo and Brendan

Jo Who? Jo Shouldn't-Have-Got-Through. Perhaps I'm mean but I still don't think she deserves to be on the show. See, I wasn't even going to mention these two, was I? And now I have and am annoyed at myself. Kind of feel, though, that I should comment that she was dressed as 'the toffee one' from a tub of Quality Street.

Richard and Lilia

'Queen of costume' Lilia sparkled in a spangly little thing. But as for the rest? Oh dear. Richard, clearly never ever ever going to be a dancer did the best impression he could of a Duracell Bunny. If that was what he was aiming for, then all credit to him. Alesha made a point here though about his great attitude and 'that's what this show's all about'. She's right. Good for her.

Ricky and Natalie

I was torn between thinking this was absolutely marvellous (that's for Clare) and thinking it was slightly odd. Len, as always, hit the nail right on the head (ouch!), talking about light and shade and all that cal. There is huge potential here. Huge. But so early on makes us bored, doesn't it? I have to say though, that even if he does get a little boring, I do oh-so love watching him dance. I can't think why.

Natalie and Vincent

Nat and Wee Vincent performed a charming little cha cha cha. I really liked this and I really like her. She did a wee solo spot on her own at the beginning and that is veryveryvery brave. She's a real showgal and with a 'I've got a bum on me! Let's move it!' attitude, is bound to win public support. Again, not technically great, but full of vim and vigour (tragically under-used words in my opinion) - just as long as she can keep control of those nervies. Clare (not-from-work, another one) doesn't agree, but each to their own, eh?

LOVED the pro Paso Doble - mostly for the swooshy skirts and LOVED the pro Quickstep. Did you see Natalie Lowe go? I think we might have ourselves a new Queen of Ballroom. Erin, this is a tough one to crack, my gal. The dance-off result was a no-brainer really. Shame but true.


Marie said...

Duracell Bunny is an anagram of Darcy Bussell. Fact. Ish.

Helen said...

I know what you mean about the song for Zoe & James' dance... I just couldn't get Bridget Jones images out of my head!

Jo Wood should not still be in. I will get increasingly cross if the judges keep giving her the sympathy vote (apart from Craig of course, he probably can't spell sympathy!) I don't care if you're going through a rough time - this is a dance contest not the X Factor!

I'm hoping Natalie Cassidy is the dark horse... and I'm not so sure about it being too easy for Ricky Whittle, he's still working full time so will he be able to maintain the standard with only a week to pull it together?

Anonymous said...

Oh, me oh my, F&C, I ADORE your blog!! Things that made me laugh out loud (stomach-hurting laugh)

-James I've-Stuck-My-Fingers-In-A-Plug-Socket-And-Come-Out-Looking-Like-A-Billy-Idol-Wannabe Jordan

-Jo as the Toffee One from Quality Street!

I love Natalie, as well. Girl's a firecracker and love how confident she is. Great for younger viewers to see.

Loving Ricky, as well. Worried about peaking too early, though. However, he is a delight to watch, isn't he?

Roll on next week for my Brian & Ali!

Clover said...

Thanks so much for the comments :-D