Friday, 5 October 2012

Get into the groove

Are you stupidly excited? Have you clapped along with the theme tune? Have you jigged up and down in your seat? Have you groaned at Brucie's jokes? Have you gone 'huh?' at Tess's dress for the first time this year? Well in that case, SCD 2012 is here!

Fern and Artem

Oh my word, Artem has been taking Robin Windsor hormones? His chest is as wide as...something really wide. As an opening cha-cha this wasn't that bad, ok she went wrong but the recovery was pretty good. And hurrah for a bit of skirt-swinging, unlike Lulu it wasn't annoying but quite endearing. Quite liked her faces too, although they obviously aren't up to Karen/Camilla standards.

Ah, Fern. My lentil-soup contestant (wholesome, remember?) looked like she was having a delightful time gazing dreamily into Artem's arms eyes. Purple dress was flattering and the dancing was OK: good rhythm, good hands, bad knees. And nowt wrong with a bit of skirt-swishing. She's deliciously self-effacing. Me likes. 

Nicky and Karen

Karen's dress scares me, especially near all those candles. Thelma from Gypsy Weddings might have to follow her around with a fire extinguisher...There was not nearly enough hold in this dance, which is a shame because Nicky actually seems ok at it for a first week. Despite being dressed as a goth Matt Smith. Like Fern, a kind of promising start, but not very exciting yet.

LOL. Frankie made me laugh. This dance gave me hope. Karen got told off for the lift and told off for the lack of hold. Perhaps we'll have less of the fannying around this year. And maybe, just maybe, not so many bloody PROPS. I was slightly concerned that Nicky was dressed as though he were an invisible set-changer on a West End show. It's clear who was stealing the show here. Aliona 2: The Revenge? Let's hope not. 

Michael and Natalie

I still have no idea who he is...but wow, Natalie looks amazing. Best ballroom dress of the night, but only cos Erin is doing Latin of course. The battle rages on. This got better as it went on, he looked really nervous and 'OMG where am I?' until about halfway through. Having a bum like a hanging basket is my favourite simile of the series so far...but there's a long way to go.

He looked a bit like Dan Lobb crossed with Andrew Castle crossed with a Dalek but there's room for improvement. 

Victoria and Brendan

There's a lot of expectation on this girl and I have wondered from the start why people would assume she's going to be brilliant, cycling and dancing really aren't the same thing. But then again, whilst there were a fair few bits that went wrong, the bits that went right were quite promising! It was a proper routine from Brendan and she was struggling with the Pink Harem Pants of Doom. Wardrobe, this woman specifically said she wanted to wear DRESSES!

What was with the genie-of-the-lamp pants? They unfortunately are on a par with Lilia's Turban Nightmare and Erin's Monster Munch Dress of Insanity.Wardrobe: take note. We want nice costumes for Victoria - come on, she deserves it. Loved the Studio 54 hair and make-up though. Such a shame she muggled up the routine somewhat. I have a hunch she'll be a whole new person in the security of ballroom hold next week. 

Kristina and Colin

Wow, Kristina can put a routine together! And all whilst dancing around in a Las Vegas - Flintstones - Tinsel themed dress, gotta love that girl. Not to sure about Colin's shirt though, I think we strayed into Pat Butcher fantasyland territory there. Easily the best cha-cha of the night, could he be on his way for a j-word?

Could this be Kristina's year? It was a sound routine, cleverly put together and she has a celeb who can dance. It might be just me, but I'm looking forward to this guy's tango. 

Denise and James

What beautiful outfits, so Great Gatsby. And the only waltz of the night that really held my attention. It was good, of course it was going to be good, let it go people. And all without James' nose exploding all over the place, what a triumph (if you didn't hear, he broke his nose today, he wasn't possessed by an alien lifeform).

Yes, beautiful on the surface but she was waltzing from the Kelly Brook school of FOOTWORK SHAME. Perhaps they've been banking on Len being a bit softer on the rules of late but his characteristic HEEL LEAD RANT was back with a vengeance. And about time too. Oh, apart from that, it was lovely, she's in the running and hurrah for James, yada yada. 

So, six down, eight to go, and it's all looking rather promising for this series. Bring on the rest of them, yah?

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