Saturday, 6 October 2012

Get into the groove...part 2!

It's time to do it all again, got your Strictly snacks and spangle-ometer ready? This is your Saturday nights from now until Christmas so get on the sofa and get used to it. Thankfully, it's our second evening of random surprises as eight new celebs head out to the slaughter *ahem* dancefloor...

Thankfully, we're treated to a classic bouncy pro number to kick things off with great costumes. Although I did spend a lot of it watching to see if Ola kicked James in the face. Tess continues with her random dresses, tennis season is over now dear. We also continue with the revelation that someone whose full name is Marnie Mercedes Darcey Pembleton Crittle is, gasp, a bit posh!

Kimberley and Pasha

Well she's got a spangle-licious dress, so that's a good start. Could have been a few inches shorter though, this is a cha cha afterall. Everyone expects her to be good, and this was a perfectly serviceable start. Plus she's got the popstar skill of being able to smile and sell it no matter what, if Pasha had fallen on the floor she'd have kept that grin and wiggle going! Think sevens might have been generous, but it must have been good because it distracted me from Pasha's awful hair!

She's down to be this year's Holly Valance or Kara Tointon, but thank heavens, seems to have more personality on the dancefloor than both put together and shaken up in a cocktail with Rachel Stevens. I enjoyed this. The colourful dress helped.

Sid and Ola

Only one person voted him to win in our poll. Was it Patsy Palmer? His mum? Well, you mean SCD fans, he just managed to do a decent waltz. I'm gonna send his mum around to shout at you all. Or maybe Ola to kick you in the face. Not sure about Ola's dress though; part ballroom underskirt, part latin, part genie of the lamp.

Who'd have thunk it? This was quite lovely. Doesn't stop me thinking his latin is going to be as cheesy as Gorgonzola on granary toast but Jason camped it up and got away with it. Unless he's got more to show us and he's an inner latin dance god too. Stranger things have happened. Maybe not. 

Johnny and not-Aliona

Yes, we all know what happened, Aliona got broken and they brought a spare in from round the back. I love it when people sing along to the music, I don't think I could help it myself. He certainly got through the dance, there were plenty of basic steps and he was in time to the music, in a way it was a bit scientific actually.

Yes,we all know what happened. Aliona was so angry at having to dance with the token old guy that she sabotaged her own chances in the competition. OK, I jest. Or do I? 

Dani and Vincent

Go Team Smurf! Was quite surprised they gave her a ballroom dance for first week, but off they went and did it. She did look nervous and it seemed to tighten her up a bit, but Vincent put a lovely routine together without resorting to his ambidextrous eyebrows. Although, to be fair I am just marking time until she gets to bounce about in a Latin and hopefully we have Louisa Lytton mark 2 on our hands.

Oh Wee Vincent! It's like you have your little Louisa back! These two are so cute. They are like buttons. Or bunnies. Love them like peaches and cream.

Lisa and Robin

Wow, Robin's been rolling around the glitter again, not sure there's actually a vest on under there! And crikey, what a routine, I couldn't type because I kept shrieking with laughter, what a pair. And there was indeed a fair bit of cha cha in there, plus a load of disco, but a I love a cha cha camp-as-knickers disco affair. The eights may have been a bit over-enthusiastic, but it's only week one and it was such a laugh.

I agree that the scoring was a bit over-enthusiastic but no doubt whatsoever that this was fun - and that Lisa can dance. Her timing was spot on and she looked like she was having so much fun, it just made me smile along too. I keep watching it over and over. On a bum note, I have a feeling that cha cha will be one of the dances that suits her best but I'm hoping I'm wrong on that score. 

Richard and Erin

Erin, who deserves a Oscar simply for wearing a dress and choosing Streisand week one, can surely make anyone dance. Although, she may have hypnotised him, since his face didn't move for the entire dance. If that's what it takes Erin, then so be it. Considering how nervous Richard has been all week it also seems like he's had the most fabulous time, which at this stage can pull you through regardless of dancing ability.

I don't think it was hypnotism but it could have been botox. In fact, the whole routine seemed like it had had a shot of it. Come on, more energy please! Perhaps he'll feel more comfortable shaking his booty in the latin.

Jerry and Anton

Jerry, stand up and stop posing, it's time to do a dance! Yes, you're on this show to dance! Put that drink down! This pair are also hilarious, it's a wonder they get around to having a go at learning a routine. Anton looks weird out of tails, it's like a dog on his hind legs. Could have had a bit more in the routine, the return of the Nancy leg lift brought back unwelcome flashbacks too. Don't think we can judge until ballroom though, always the way with Anton...

They are the only cha cha moves that Anton knows, remember. 

Louis and Flavia

This is the moment we've all been waiting for, isn't it? What a song, what a frock! Louis only smiled for about a second at the end, but also seemed to be radiating a strange calmness that was oddly entrancing. Flavia on the other hand looked like the cat that got the cream, and who blames her. Certainly not perfect, but a very good way to round off week one!

He's got the movement and just needs to learn to control it. Failure to do so may result in Jason-Jimi-esque squirming. Let's hope Flavia can work her wonders with him. We may be looking at someone of Matt Di Angelo potential here. Huzzah.

So that's that, everyone's had their opening boogie (that sounds a bit rude actually). And who would've thunk that Robin and Lisa would top the week one leaderboard? Lots to gossip about for the start of ITT. Who will go first? I feel a poll coming on...

And don't forget, next week we're BOTH going to see SCD live! I predict an uber-long blog post with lots of exclamation marks...

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