Monday, 2 November 2009

Confounded with confusion

There follows a Public Service Announcement: This week there has been some confusion, due to jetlag, Zoe leaving and many other things, and so you are getting a Frankie blog post here and Clover's comments below. Who cares, next week it's Blackpool - Strictly's coming hooooome!

Natalie and Vincent
Don't you just love how Natalie gets all excited about the dances? Like Jodie last year I think Natalie owns the word 'gusto' this time around. As with this dance, not technically the best but you need to throw yourself into the jive and she certainly did that. Not too sure about the dodgy fringe but the outfits were super-cute.

Ali and Brian
Ok, so I don't think anyone was expecting Ali to be spectacular at the paso but I think she pulled it off in her own way. Being the cape rather than the bull was a good idea and she was technically as brilliant as ever. She also had a very, very nice frock and hair and makeup, which distracted from the return of the circus music.

Craig and Flavia
Well Flavia coped well since she seemed to have become entangled in one of Pat Butcher's curtains just before she started. She isn't lucking out with the dresses this year, is she? Overall, Criag's best dance, but come on, this is a waltz and it's not exactly week one. Don't care if I'm betraying the local boy, I'm bored.

Chris and Ola
Could the catsuit become a yearly tradition for Ola? Like Brendan storming off and Anton not winning? Nice cheeky little number from the cheeky pair, Chris also seemed like he was enjoying himself. Agreed with comments about his mouth though; amusing week one, freaky week seven.

Jade and Ian
Gosh this was lovely, just all-round old school lovely. Len was right, what a treat. Well done Ian for such a lovely routine, I'm quite looking forward to an American Smooth from these two now. After last week's drama a 35 is just what you need to pick things up, plus we now have the Ian Waite Blackpool Outfit to look forward too.

Zoe and James
Zoe works the Halloween theme by appearing dressed as a combination of Posion Ivy and Tinkerbell. Saying that I am always glad to see some feathers after last week's disappointing lack of them. Thought she looked a bit awkward during this one, but elegance is her thing and you don't get that with the samba. And since when did samba automatically mean disco music?

Ricky and Erin
After the surprisingly great American Smooth last week I was wondering what trick Erin would have up her sequinned sleeve and I think capitalising on her whole evil-genius-Bond-Girl thing was a pretty good idea. At one point backstage I thought she was wearing a sequinned catsuit and nearly had a heart attack! Anyway, great song choice, adds a bit of drama when a rumba can sometimes be a bit boring. I geniunely don't think this was as bad as the judges made out, it could have been a car crash and it wasn't.

Laila and Anton
Could a Vienesse Waltz from these two be anything other than beautiful? I was also impressed by Anton's lovely music choice which stopped it from being stuffy. Will we get another ballroom dance next week since they did two latin before? I think Blackpool deserves it.

Tufty and Katya
At first I didn't think this was going to work but then as the dance went on and Tufty got into it I was quite impressed. No more bum shaking, great coreography from Katya (looking lovely dressed as Evita). Not classic Tufty but he certainly worked hard to try and master that one.

Ricky and Natalie
About 20 seconds into this dance I realised we'd be getting the 10s out from under the desk. Genius coreography from Natalie and a great song choice to that made it nice and Hollywood. She's really making her presence felt this series! Bit concerned about how good his latin is, but Ricky really knows how to do the ballroom.

Anyone else scared half to death by the BeeGees? Was that the halloween number for this year? At least Kristina and Ola got to play Las Vegas showgirls for us. Where were those fabulous outfits for the samba last week?

Dance off
Shock! Horror! The type-of-random-result-we-get-every-year-but-still-gasp-over finally hits us. Felt so sorry for Ali having to dance with no shoes on and both of them looked like they were going to have a major freakout halfway around the floor. If I'd have been forced to pick between these two I guess I would have saved Ali. Now the big question for next week is whether Craig will go in his home town?

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