Saturday, 7 November 2009

Oh we do like to be beside the the seaside...

It's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming...Strictly's coming home! It's all kicking off at the Tower Ballroom tonight, Clover is lucky enough to be there so you're getting a blog post from me now and something from her a little later.

Ricky and Natalie
Going out first at Blackpool and after getting a 39 last week is a big ask, but we knew Ricky was going to live up to it. Watching this I could tell it was brilliant and technically fabulous but it was totally RUINED for me by the song choice! I love that song, but as we've seen before, the wrong song completely destroys the drama of a tango, it's like someone has the radio on in the background. If that had been to a sparse, staccato tune I would have been blown away, alas no. Thankfully Natalie had a totally fabulous dress.

Natalie and Vincent
Wow, what a cracker! Good job they had that big floor because they looked like they were running for miles in that one. Loved the choreography, especially all the charleston. Had to laugh when they said they didn't have a funny beginning or end so they were allowed a twiddly bit in the middle just to annoy Len. I have also come to the conclusion Natalie was born about 40 years too late, she looks amazing in all the vintage-styled get ups!

Jade and Ian
Loving Ian's spangly shirt (we haven't used our favourite word in a while!), but disappointed at the lack of crazy green trousers. Totally loved the choreography and how it played to Jade's strengths and amazing legs- and she CAN do the kicks and flicks! Definitely her best latin so far, can't wait for the tango.

Ali and Brian
The opening VT made me think I might have to buy a hat sometime soon...Proper Disney Princess dress on Ali there too! The whole thing was beautifully light and frothy like a Viennese Waltz should be. Cannot believe Craig got his 10 out before the final, it's been an eventful night already!

Ricky and Erin
Looks like Erin stole Laila's samba outfit, what's that all about? Great poofy skirt though! Not quite sure how I felt about this one, it seemed like there were lots of little bits all over the place and some were good and some were bad. The bit where he went crazy in front of the judges like a drunken tourist was hilarious though!

Laila and Anton
Did the wardrobe department get a job lot of red lace this year? Thankfully, it looks pretty good in this frock, Laila looks stunning! Probably the most dramatic paso we've seen in a long time, the pair of them really pulled out all the stops and gave us the whole package. I don't care if that was an illegal lift, it was fabulously done.

Tufty and Katya
I recoiled in horror at the idea of Phil doing the rumba, but once again this wasn't a total car crash. Then again, he didn't really seem to do too much! Not sure about Len saying it was his best latin (an 8, really?!), I did however love his massive comedy grin to the camera halfway through. Not sure about Kayta's net-curtian poncho...

Chris and Ola
Totally hilarious opening VT with Chris getting his mouth taped shut, gotta love these two. Completely genius song choice from Ola and she really ramped up the musicality of it all. Nice frock too. It's so lovely to see all Chris' hard work pay off after he's struggled so much, ah the magic of Blackpool!

Craig and Flavia
Ah the local boy is last out, what a surprise. Wasn't sure about this song when I heard it on ITT but it did actually work. Craig's face was hilarious throughout the whole dance, he was gawping like a kid in a sweet shop! I actually think this was Craig's best latin, but Len was right, he just isn't as good as everybody else. Harsh words from Alesha, but yep, Dad's back. Also, couldn't they have given Craig a red waistcoat or something rather than just plain black?

Totally loved seeing footage of the now legendary Strictly Bus to Blackpool, with everyone acting like they're on a school trip. We really need to make this a yearly event; who's with me in starting a campaign to have the final there every year? Omg, is that a group Viennese Waltz? We haven't seen one of these in forever (by which I mean since about 2005), how fabulous. There's some lovely dresses in there too.

Group swing jive
Jill? Is that JILL?! Ok, maybe I missed something earlier this week, but I had no idea she was turning up. Oh crikey, Brucie is singing! I cannot take all this unexpected excitement. What a charming little number, nice to see they pulled out something special for Blackpool. And there were some great outfits too, Flavia looked as cute as a button!

Oh look, now it's Rod, I'm sorry this seems to be turning into the longest blog post ever...I'm not going to pretend I like Rod Stewart, but he's not doing too bad tonight. Thankfully Penny spangles her way on the the most blingtastic of fringed dresses, although I must say it looks totally wrong that she's taller than Matthew.

Dance off
It's been such a fun night I don't really want anyone to go. How schmaltzy. Wow, is that actual bottom two with the judges in the bottom two with the public? I guess there's a first time for everything! I think Ricky actually performed better second time around so he really did deserve to stay. Was I the only one who thought the band might break into 'Oh we do like to be beside the seaside' at the end? What a night!

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Nickie said...

I loved the VT of Natalie and Vincent and their bantering...
Natalie on the phone: "I think Vincent is trying to kill me and then Vincent: this could be the best quickstep ever. Natalie: you could be 6 foot 4" LOL LOL :D

I think it was Craig's time to go, definitely - he should have gone a few weeks ago really. Ah well... at least he can kip at mums tonight ;-)

I'm really not getting Anton this year but, having said that, this is the furthest he's ever go so maybe we've just not seen how bad he really is *hhmm*

I wonder if Ricky W has gone off to the nightclub to hunt down the "kiss-and-tell girl" ;-)