Saturday, 21 November 2009

When frocks attack

Well I never thought I'd be so happy to see Bruce, but after the disaster that was last week I think he must be the show's lucky charm. Long may he reign! However, he wasn't lucky enough to save poor Jade for us. I'm actually gutted about her having to leave and really upset for Ian too, they could have got to the final. Looks like we've got a two person final once more, unless there are any more voting-no-one-at-the-BBC-can-count disasters...

Ali and Brian
Well thankfully we have Team Awesome to cheer us up! That's what I like to see in a foxtrot, bit of Hollywood glitz and musicality from our favourite shiny happy people. They are as cute as a kitten dancing in a top hat next to a baby seal eating candyfloss.
One of the better dresses - and dances - of the evening. Unfortunately, as you may have gathered in the past, I despise foxtrot so that kinda puts a shadow over the whole performance. Not sure why Frankie's going on about baby seals. I think Norway's gone to her head.

Natalie and Vincent
Natalie looks fabulously funky tonight and just look at Vincent's teeny tiny little waist! However, I thought the routine was a bit simple, especially since we're used to Vincent wowing us with fancy choreography. I love the judges' obsession with bounce action, has anyone been praised for their bounce action since Zoe Ball about 5 years ago?! Oooh a harsh 5 from Bruno!
Oh, I was willing this to be good. But all the will in the world (Will & Grace, Good Will Hunting, The Wind in the Will-ows) was not enough. It wasn't great. Love them though. SO glad they got through - but no point pretending it was marvellous, eh?
Chris and Ola
It takes a lot for a VW to hold my attention but Team Cola managed it! What a beautiful routine Ola-chops put together for them and Chris looked like he was totally in the zone. Loved the pivots, I love pivots anyway but these were especially pivot-y.
I really liked this and you know what, they got my first vote of the series. So kudos Team Cola, not that you'll ever read this but yer know. I'm a discerning Strictly fan and it's a great privilege to have a vote - so think yerselves lucky and a big pat (postman?) on the back to both of you.

Ricky and Natalie
Really wasn't too sure about this at the start, but I think I was won over by the end. Thought it would be a love or hate thing for Len, and I agreed with him that the lift was gratuitously huge interruption when it had all flowed so gracefully from the start. I still think Alesha is a bit trigger-happy with that 10.
I knew it, I just knew it! Len went all Kenny Logan on the American Smooth lifts. I kinda agreed with him. A nice subtle twirlygig at the end would have been far more appropriate. Delightful routine, despite incongruous lift. Natalie is proving she has staying power both as a dancer and a choreographer. She's the star. Ricky who?

Laila and Anton
Another timeless bit of ballroom from Anton, I suddenly started to feel a bit Christmassy for some reason! Maybe her dress made her look like a fairy on top of a tree, but then what does that make Anton? Certainly not her best dance, but it made her staying in worthwhile. A 6 from Craig wasn't justified at all.
It was OK. Yeah, I know she has a bad ankle. I have a bad foot. I still went to salsa class (in trainers, mind you, at least Laila wore her proper shoes!) I just think if Laila and Anton were going to wow us with any dance, it would have been the waltz. And now that's been and gone and I'm distinctly unwowed. I dread to think what their Rock and Roll or Charleston will be like next week. I predict nightmares this week.

Ricky and Erin
My god, just what is exactly is Erin WEARING?! Worst outfit of the series by far, it possibly goes down with the worst dresses ever, along with Lilia's series four samba turban *shudder*. And why is Ricky dressed as the rubbish hypnotist from Little Britain? And whilst I'm in full rant mode, is there some rule against proper tango music this year? The whole thing was just odd, odd, odd.
Firstly, why was Erin dressed as the character off the front of the yellow Monster Munch packet? Yes. I think it was the. worst. dress. ever. And no one's more delighted than me that that accolade goes to our own Queen of Mean (we love her really) Erin Boag. Great to see the return of Miss Whiplash before the end of the series. (sidenote: we've not mentioned Lilia's turban for over a year, Frankie, we're slacking...) Oh, and Ricky? It kinda sucked.

Gosh, Darren and Lilia swinging to the Noisettes? What a completely delicious treat, that's just made my Saturday. And I'm sure Clover used to have a pair of shoes like Lilia's. More please! So the big new dances are the rock n roll and the Charleston? Well I'm rather pleased with both of them, but maybe they could have come up with two that were a bit more distinctly different? Both are quite fast and zany, but then again, that's a definite crowd-pleaser!
Yes, had similar shoes and yes yes yes! I want that dress! Cute little number from the little Darren and Lilia (woeful lack of Lilia, I tells ya...) And NEW DANCES! So exciting. I was, like, soooo dreading the new dances being bolero (snooze) and mambo (salsa) so these two were a nice little surprise. I hope it doesn't mean the Argentine Tango has been dropped though. That would be a travesty. I don't think they would...would they?

The group rumba was mesmorising, one of the best group numbers of the series. Can we have more of these dramatic rumbas rather than them being all soppy? And good old Dame Shirley was as overblown as only Shirley can be.
There's nothing, NOTHING, like a daaaaaame! Nothing in the woooorld! Apologies to all our tweeties who've endured that since I read Dame Shirley Bassey would be performing. Does anyone know why Rob Brydon was playing the piano? Or was it Anton? Or is there another one of them?

Dance off
Well here we are, at least Ricky gets another stab at the tango and will hopefully kill off the monster that is Erin's dress at the same time. I get the feeling Laila and Anton just weren't interesting enough this week. At least Ricky managed to get through the routine properly so he didn't totally embarrass himself and was a very good sport about it all.
Right two couples in dance off; right couple kept in. All in all, a very conservative show - and that's just what everyone needed after last week's drama.

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