Monday, 2 November 2009

Time to Go Jo/The Curse of James

Ah, two entries in one? Think of it as a Double A side single release rather than my sad self being a lazy moose and just not having got round to posting anything. Hpmh, well don't blame me. Frankie's off sunning herself in Florida...and I've been busy too. Hence the non-postage. My excuse last week was that I was also sunning myself. In the Lake District. My excuse this week is ... well, give me a few minutes to think of one...

However, I've not got the steam in me to rant about each and every couple (soo tired) so I've three highlights and three, uh, lowlights from the past two weeks and a general comment about both eliminations.


1) Craig getting to Blackpool. Although this has an adverse effect on the other couples, I'm glad he's made it. Now he has to have his last dance in the tower ballroom - the poignancy is almost poetic.

2) Jade and Ian, generally. Shouldn't have been in dance off - choosing to ignore it. Loving this couple. Real journey coming on and one of the few who's really making progress.

3) Pro Jive Week 6. As good as the Rebel Yell one a few years ago. Had Cutler written all over it. Am I right?


1) Zoe leaving. Really unfair. Mini-rant below.

2) Ola's Catsuit - really, put it away.

3) Anton and Latingate. Seriously getting annoyed with this selfish chap. Just because he doesn't like latin he's jeopardising Laila's chances of being a real contender. You don't see Erin or Natalie making a fuss, do you?

Re. the eliminations, there's not really much to say about Jo other than that it was her time to go. Despite my better judgement, I actually began to like this girl and I liked Brendan's attitude towards her. They were a lovely partnership and did very well. I'm being nice. I don't think I feel well...Zoe, on the other hand, has fallen prey to what shall henceforth be known as The Curse of James. No matter how good his partner is, he never makes it beyond the middle of the competition. Quite unfairly too because he's not the nasty James from days gone by; he's actually a fairly nice chap. So what's the problem? Probably people voting to get Craig to Blackpool. Ah well, you win lose some...

Frankie should be back next week and we'll be back to our usual postage (she'll nag me to complete it) - special BLACKPOOL edition next week (we were both born there so it's VERY exciting!) There will also be a special Blackpool 'Simon Says...' too, we hope...

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