Sunday, 29 November 2009

Having a bit of flapper...

Well as only five couple came down the stairs I felt a bit sad, there hardly seems to be anyone left! Speaking of missing people, we have no Clover this week; she's so traumatised about not being able to dance she cannot bring herself to even write about it.

Chris and Ola
The training footage had us in stitches all week and this was my most-awaited dance of the series so far. Thank god it didn’t disappoint, it was an absolute treat! Both parts of Team Cola looked like they were having the time of their lives. Cracking start to the show and endearing us two this pair even more.

Ricky and Natalie
Alas, not dancing to Jailhouse Rock...Not sure what the Fonz actually has to do with dancing, he is plugging that panto for all it’s worth! The lift work in this was pretty amazing (and Natalie is pretty brave!), but I think without that the dance would have been a bit of a letdown. To paraphrase both Craig and the Black Eyed Peas, I’d have liked a bit more boom-boom-pow. Don’t think they deserved their lowest score though.

Ali and Brian
Once again, these two look totally amazing. They got the period down exactly right, totally adoring Brian’s gloves. I wasn’t expecting too much from this dance after this week’s drama, meaning it was such a pleasant surprise! Fabulous choreography from Mr Fortuna yet again! Plus I was really pleased to see Ali doing some great work on her own and also that she threw herself into those lifts. I can smell a 10...oooh there we are!

Natalie and Vincent
Or is that Vincent and Bettie Boop? Oh and the joy of watching Vincent try and do gymnastics again, I’m having so much fun this week! But maybe not as much fun as Natalie; I was really impressed at how fast the routine was actually. I did agree with Alesha that it was a bit clumsy at times, but I don’t think the judges needed to have such a downer on it!

Laila and Anton
What cute outfits, big points to the costume people this week. I remember Laila being good in this dance but I was actually captivated by Anton, he was on fire! It reminded me of the hilarious comedy quickstep he did with Flavia and Vincent. After all this I hope we get these two dances back next year, it’s been such a laugh.

Group Viennese Waltz
I was prepared for a five couple pile-up. We all remember the early group Viennese Waltzes, but if Christopher Parker could do it without causing death and destruction then it can’t have been that hard, this is a whole different thing. At one point it seemed like to be the battle of the fleckerls, how many did Ali and Brian do?! Thought Natalie and Vincent looked like they were struggling, Vincent seemed like he was grimacing more than smiling.

Thought the pro foxtrot was fabulous and very creative. They’re really pulling out all the stops with them this year, hurrah for the extended Saturday show! Also liking a bit of Muse too, you’d think they’d get used more on the show as they’re so theatrical. But no one warned me about Riverdance, I properly hate Riverdance!

Dance off
The only two doing rock and roll end up in the bottom two? Probably evidence the Charleston just rocks! I wasn’t very surprised to see Ricky in the bottom two, but also not surprised that he stayed. Bye bye Natalie, it was great fun and I hope you've bought lots of tissues for poor Vincent!

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